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Author Topic: Xyena RO [BETA IS OPEN]!  (Read 973 times)

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« on: Oct 09, 2017, 03:54 AM »
Come Join and try us out more coming when we fully open
no Wipes out!
Downloads are up on Website or Facebook:)
Double Experience Event until 31st of October!!!!!
Website: www.xyena.org
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/XyenaRO/
           Mid Rate
Rates & Basic Info
~Base 40X Job 40X
~Droprate= Modified
~ViP 50X / Job 50X
~Droprate= 50%
~Pre Renewal
~Max Level: 99/70
~PK:On  (Only Level 81 and Above)
~Transcendent Classes
~Max Zeny: 2 Billion Zeny
~Uncast:150 Dex
~Max Aspd: 193
~Multi client:Enabled
~Gepard Shield              ~Race Changer
~ViP System                  ~Stylist
~Automated Events        ~Rental Sytem:Coming Soon
~Daily Login reward        ~Custom Headgears:Coming Soon
~Daily Hunting Quest      ~Guaranteed
~Eden Quests (New)       ~Freebies for all new players
~Costume System          ~Mvp Tombstone
~Card Remover              ~ Reset Npc
            First 100 Players Will Receive
          ~ViP for the First Month
          ~Welcoming Headgear
          ~20 Cash Points (Worth 20$)
          ~Field Manual 100% Box
  All Subsequent players will receive Free ViP for their first month!
            This promotion will last until further notice.
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