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Author Topic: Warriors of Midgard | Launch Date: 11.05.2018  (Read 981 times)

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Warriors of Midgard | Launch Date: 11.05.2018
« on: Apr 25, 2018, 10:50 AM »
Hello, my friends! We present to you new incredible project!  /lv

Our fantastic team has prepared for you a completely new project based on the classic episode 13.2. Here you will find classical mechanics and standard locations, as well as completely new, unexplored places, dungeons and quests. Come to us on May 11! We have something to surprise you with  /kis

Basic information:

Main Language: English;
Launch Date: 11.05.2018, 19.00 (GMT+2);
Rates: 75x/75x/25x (Base/Job/Drop);
Quest exp. rate: 15x;
Cards: 15x;
MvP & MiniBoss drop: 3x;
MvP & MiniBoss Cards: 1x;
Max Level: 99/70;
Max Stats: 99;
Instant Cast: 150 DEX;
Max ASPD: 190;
Pet/Homunculus Intimacy: 10x;
Min. delay for skills: 200ms (5 skills per second);
Episode: 13.3 El Dicastes, Pre-Renewal;
Party exp. bonus: 20% per member;
Party share range: 15 levels;
Multiple windows allowed;
Restock system: allowed;
Main chat enabled;
Homunculus autoloot is disabled;
MvP tombstone system: disable;
Anti cheats: Gepard Shield 2.0+, Nodelay protection on the client side, Nodelay protection on the server side;
Guild Alliance: disable;
Guild houses system: disallowed;
MvP Cards on WoE: enabled.

More information you can find on our website.
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