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Author Topic: True Story Ragnarok Online mid rate 99/70 - Feel the Classic Sarah Server  (Read 1211 times)

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Server Information:

Newly Opened Server June 22, 2017!
True Story Ragnarok Online is a Pre-Renewal Classic Server, Revamp with Renewal Headgears, Feel the Old Ragnarok in 2004

Hourly Rewards
Classic Mob Spawn and Drops
Classic Skill Mechanics
Unique NPC Scripts
Vanilla WOE with Automatic Rewards
Prontera's Treasure Room, Winning guild owns their own gold room!
Lots of freebies!
Obtainable Donation items
+40% Bonus Exp with at least 5 party members Leveling
Maximum aspd : 190
Instant Cast : 150 Dex
Dual Client

Base:Job Experience: 150x/150x
Max Base Level: 99
Max Stats Point: 99
Max ASPD: 190
Instant Cast: 150 Dex

General Drop: 100%
Normal Card: 50%
MVP Card: 0.01%
MVP Equipment: 10%
Reduce Spawning time by 50%

Advance Warper
Hourly Reward - Exchange for gears and Consumables
Healer with Buffs + Identifier + Repair
Hatmaker Quest
Premium PVP Room
EMP Breaker
Classic WOE with Automatic Rewards
Build Manager - Save your stats and make build number 2
Skill and Stat Reset
Advance Stylist
Coin Exchanger
Time +8GMT with seconds
1 Hour Shop
Voting points - Exchange Votes for Rental Items!
Automatic Event
Chaos game
Prontera's Treasure
Powerball Lottery
Donation Mall

Player Commands:

1.Blade [4] - 1pc
2.Field Manual 300% - 20pcs
3.Fly Wings - 50pcs
4.Condensed White Potion - 50pcs
5.Job Battle Manual - 20pcs
6.Bubble Gum - 10pcs
7.Bubble Gum In Mouth - 1pc
8.All in One Box - 1pc
9.Recruit Seige Box - 1pc
10.Rabbit Earplugs - 1pc

Vote in our website and gain points!
GYM pass at Ripped Cabus Payon 1pc = 50 Votes
Regeneration Potion for 30 minutes increase by 20% 10pcs = 20 Votes
Yggdrasil Seed Box 30pcs inside 1pc = 20 Votes
Abrasive Box 30 Critical for 5 Mins 1pc = 10 Votes
Convex Mirror MVP Detection 10 minutes = 10 Votes
Box of Thunder Speed Up 50pcs = 10 Votes

Dark Blinder for 1Day Rental 1pc = 5 Votes
Spiritual Ring 1Day Rental 1pc = 5 Votes
All in One Ring Box 1Week Rental 1pc = 25 Votes
Baphometh Horn 1Week Rental 1pc = 50 Votes
Apple o Archer Dex+4 2Weeks Rental 1pc = 50 Votes
Check the Mall to use points!


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