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Author Topic: Shenigan RO - Gepard Anti Cheat / 50x 50x 50x / Custom Instances  (Read 835 times)

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Offline SheniganRO

Playing on Shenigan RO is something unlike anything else. Through active development and improvement our server is dynamically getting into shape. With weekly bug fixes and other features in the works we are slowly working for more content. With the fact our server is not accepting donations for virtual (in-game) items.

Our mission is to provide the most transparent and clear communication on what's going to happen. We tend involve the community as much as possible we can.

We are not going to accept donations for virtual items our goal is to deliver the most complete experience. With the focus on clear and transparent communications and actively involving our community. To work on a better server everyday without the hassle. We are committed to providing our players with clear and transparent communication at all times.

Certain things that you should look out for:
- Active development,
- Weekly maintenance,  (Fixes and updates)
- No donation items, (For the life time of the server)
- Active Game Masters, (Otherwise almost always reachable on Discord)
- Forums & Discord (See bottom of the post)

More about our server can be found at our own forums (GamePort) which is a separated web site that is dedicated to providing our players with forums. This is also an multi game community that is open for any person.

- Website, (Shenigan RO)
- Forums, (Playnation)
- Rules and guidelines,
- Detailed server features,
- Discord Server,
- Download Client: MegaNZ - Media Fire
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