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Offline krampinoy

revo-project RO
« on: Apr 29, 2018, 11:20 PM »
Hello Guys Try This Game www.revo-project.com

Server Information:

99/70 Pre-renewal Server
Exp/Job Rates: 100x/100x

General drop: 15.00%
Normal card: 3.00%
MvP Card: 1.00%
MvP Equipment : 10.00%
Mini Boss Card: 1.00%

no modification as we know all is follow like offcial
Item based on RMS
Daily Reward
all IRO quest open
hunting mission for exp + zeny + point

Hosted in Singapore data centre

npc: lots of npc like Quest Hat Maker, job changer, healer, warper npc, SG resetter, any many more!

Commnads: relog, collectreward, dailyreward, collectdaily, nextreward, rms, irowiki, search