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Revive Ragnarok Online International
« on: Aug 27, 2017, 10:14 AM »

Server Details

Website: www.revive-ro.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ReviveOnlineInternational/

Classic Transcendent Jobs
Episode: Ep. 13 Eclage
Base and Job Level: 99/70
Max ASPD: 190
Max Stats: 99

Server Rates
Base Level: x150
Job Level: x150
Normal Drop Rates: x20
Mini MVP Drop: Default
MVP Drop: Custom
Normal Cards Rate: 1%
Mvp Card Rate: 0.1%

Customized NPC's
Healer NPC (1k Zeny)
Warper NPC
Job Changer NPC
Skill and Stats Reset NPC (via Zeny)
Card Trader NPC (Will be implemented soon)
Hourly Coin Store
Vote Coin Store
Donation In-Game Store

Other Server Information

To make things short and clear we have balanced out how the farming system in Revive Online goes, and we will still observe how each and every player tackles this on a daily basis to make it fair to current and future players alike.

We are also in check of the homunculus afk farming, though the Homun AI is available on the server we would like to balance this out to each and every member of the server. We understand that not everyone nowadays have the luxury to farm or play for hours so to make it fair to those who want to play and farm but are sometimes too busy we made this an option to have afk farming possible but also have a time limit.

Yes, as administrators we also have our jobs and personal lives but our outlook on automated events are different. Yes it is nice to have these automated events in game to boost activity but we personally want to do the events and show our players that as admins we observe on what to improve on the server.

These events also build a relationship between us and the our dear players.

Since we plan on boosting activity when it comes to our social page we would also want to these events where we feature our players who want to be recognized as a great player especially when it comes to Player vs Player events like Battleground, War of Emperium and Guild vs Guild Events etc etc.

We want donations to go back to players by installing new features for the server and giving out apparels that are going to be made and designed by the Revive Online International Team. Through donations we would like to show our dear players that we don't intend on using donations for profits but to give them back to the community of the game through events and system upgrades for the server.

Hourly System - We installed an Hourly Coin NPC. It is located in Prontera on the mid right of the town. Players must keep an eye on their  Hourly Coin. These coins can be traded for costumes that have certain additions to stats and eventually will be changed and improved from time to time. Costs vary from one headgear to another, players may store their coins for latter use.

Voting System - We installed an Vote Coin NPC. It is located in Prontera on the mid right of the town. Players have an interval of 12 hours per vote so that it wouldn't be too time straining for players. Players can purchase consumables in this NPC which can be used on PVM & PVP situations. The NPC will be improved from time to time.

Player Commands

Download Links

Full Client:
Mega: http://bit.ly/2wqx1eG
Mediafire: http://bit.ly/2gstitb
File Factory: http://bit.ly/2gsCU7a

Lite Client:
Mega: http://bit.ly/2gmeLvq
Mediafire: http://bit.ly/2wqBI89
File Factory: http://bit.ly/2et7SeJ

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