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Offline Mics Ragnarok

Mics Ragnarok Online
« on: Aug 31, 2017, 10:49 AM »

We are a new server, looking for new people to join in and build a community together. Our goal is not profit but to find a new place where we can experience a simple server with just few quality of life improvements. This will be a server aimed for PVP/WoE in mind, but having the classic Ragnarok feel all throughout.

Our community is at 15+ people, from different countries and time zones as of writing (9/19/2017)

Server Rates

99/70 Max Base/Job Levels
150 Base / 150 Job / Custom Drop Rates
    - Base Drop Rate is set to 50
    - Equipments have a minimum 5% chance
    - Normal Cards have a fixed 5% chance
    - Boss Cards have a fixed .1% chance
Available Jobs: All Trans Classes, Gunslinger, Ninja, Soul Linker, Taekwon, Super Novice

Ragnarok Emulation

Episode 11.2 Veins
PK is enabled at Server Night Time (Every 2 Hours)
All official items/quests/effects
War of Emperium will be coming soon (100+ consistent players)

MicsRO Customized Additionals

Healer (every town)
Warper (every town)
Convenience Store (every town)
PvP Warper and Ladder (every town)
WoE Warper (every town)
Donation NPC (every town)
Click here to see the other Helpful NPCs!
And more will be implemented soon!

MicsRO Events

Hourly Battlegrounds Event
Vote for Poring Coins
Monster Disguise
Poring Catcher
Dice Event
Hourly Rewards
Top Player Killer of the Month
7v7 War Event
Guild of the Month
And more will be implemented soon!

We are recruiting members for the Mics Ragnarok Development Team as well. Check out micsragnarok.tk/forum for the Job Listings!

Website: http://micsragnarok.tk
Like us on Facebook for the latest Events and Updates
Rate My Server Page

Guild Package Applications here:
Guild Package Application

Thank you for taking the time to read what we offer! We're hoping to see you online!
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