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Meta Ragnarok Online
« on: Jul 08, 2017, 01:29 PM »

|| Download Links ||

** [url=https://meta-ro.uk.to/]https://meta-ro.uk.to/[/url]…

|| Social Sites ||

** FB : https://www.facebook.com/metaroexclusive/
** Wiki : http://metaroexclusive.wikia.com/wiki/Meta-ro_Exclusive_Wiki[/center]


Welcome ! We from MetaRo Exclusive wants players to experiece a well balanced and fair gameplay through our server. We are semi-mid rate server with tons of hidden quest which rewards you greatly, Monster hunting is also included in this server giving players a chance to have some of the unique items included ingame, Are you worried about donates? Do not worry donate rewards are not overpowered

Server rates are Base exp 5k/ Job exp 5k, you can type @rates ingame for detailed rates 3rd job is included in this server, Vote rewards and Ingame events facilitated by one of our Game masters.


*** Server Details ***


Mid Rate 100x/100x/Custom Drops
255/70 Max Trans || 255/70 Max 3rd Job
Crimson Weapon
Shadow Gears
Item Sets (Coming Soon ex. Nab Set, White Wing)
Costume - Based
Instance Quest
Stock Market
Monster Hunter
Votable Donates
Zodiac HGears Quest ( Coming Soon )
Vanilla WOE

|| Freebie List ||   /omg /omg /omg

** Promotional Shadow Gear (3days) : http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=re_item_db&comid=360
** Dark Knight Set (3days) : http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=re_item_db&comid=308
** Small Golden Wing : 1% Increase XP
** Zeny Pet Egg Scrool : Gives random zeny
** Boarding Halter : !Rent 1day
** Unlimited White Chocolate : (Custom) Unli Pots 3 Hours
** Unlimited Black Chocolate : (Custom) Unli Speed 3 Hours

** Self fluctuating server based on players **  /no1 /no1
** Separated WOE (Trans & 3rd Class Soon) **  /no1 /no1


"@" Commands

rates , refresh , autotrade , exp , noask , storage , warp , autoloottype(alootid) , go , noks , uptime , whereis , hominfo , jailtime , request , autoloot , homstats , mobinfo,iteminfo,time

"@" Custom commands

relog, collectreward, dailyreward, collectdaily, nextreward, claim,


Specific Notes : The server is running for 9 Days straight and counting.. We have had peaked at 9 Players and that was on the second day :D , We have had a stable 5 players on good hours ;D. We are inviting you to join and be the pioneers of these great community.

We are looking forward on seeing you ingame :D, this is a NON-FREE ALL , NON-FREEBIE Mania server, we want to establish a private server where every one starts the same, hunt together and fight together. We are currently still adding stuffs ingame like instances and items on the quest shop. We also monitor players ingame and depend on their struggles to make the private server as hassle free and at the same time as balance as possible, we listen and make changes depending on how the community respond to it. So what are we all waiting for?

Be seeing you all, Cheers!!  /wah /wah
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