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« on: Sep 13, 2017, 03:48 AM »
We're a new pre-renewal server, looking for new people to join in and build our community together! Its available on both Android and PC

Server Rates and Information

-99/70 Max Base/Job Levels
-60 Base / 60 Job / 15 Drop Rates
    - Episode 13
    - Balance Vanilla WOE (no boss/mini boss cards)
    - Random WOE Castle
    - Instant Cast 150Dex
    - Max Aspd 190
    - Available Jobs: All Trans Classes, Gunslinger, Ninja, Soul Linker, Taekwon, Super Novice
- 1000+ Headgears drop from monster
- Classic Like Server
- No Bots
- No Autopots
- Currently no limitation on amount of clients
- Players mainly from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia
- No OP Donations
- Auto Daily and Hourly rewards
- Automated events
   - Poring Catcher
   - Disguise
   - Dice
   - Hunt the Mushroom
   - Devil Square
- Poring coins system (from voting and events)
- Valkyrie point system from WOE Winners
- Hunting and Collecting Quest Board
- Headgear Quest NPCs
- Obtainable Donation Points through events

Lidia-RO NPCs

Healer/Buffer (FOC) (every town)
Warper (Most dungeons/quest dungeons) (every town)
PvP Warper and Ladder (Prontera)
WoE Warper (every town)
Donation NPC (Prontera)
Poring Coin Exchange (Prontera)
Job Changer (Prontera)
Reward NPC (Prontera)
Donation Exchange NPC (Prontera)
Reset Girl (Geffen)
Platinum Skill NPC (Yuno)
Universal Rental NPC (Alberta)
Stylist (Comodo)
Hunting and Collecting Quest Board (Prontera)
Poring Coin Shop (Prontera)
Costume/Quest Headgear Shop (Prontera)
WOE Supply Shop (Prontera)
And more will be implemented soon!

Like us on Facebook - Lidia Ragna Mobile
Go to our website at http://lidia-ro.net/

We're hoping to see you online!
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