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Author Topic: Basic RO | Classic 3rd Job with lots of Freebies Balance Server [NOT PAY WIN]  (Read 863 times)

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👉Server Information:
•Renewal Server
•Episode 16.1 Banquet For Heroes (all  instance is UP HERE)
•Max Levels: 175 (Base) and 60 (Job)
•Max Stats: 130
•Exp Rate: Base 150 Job 150
•Drop Rate: Consumable 100x Equipment 100x ETC 100x
•Card Rate: 3% Normal Card & 1% MVP/Boss Card
Server Feature:👈 /no1 /gg /gg
•+12 Max Upgrade
•Disable All kinds of Refine Deeds
•Disable FAW and AW Enchanter
•Latest Alternate Outfit
•Quest & Costume Trader NPC
•Cash Shop (Donate & and you can trade Zeny to Cash System)
•2 types of WOE
-Classic Woe with Classic item without MVP
-Normal Woe with Classic item with MVP
•King Of Woe Event before Woe
•Midgear Enchanter & Slotter NPC
•Altenate Outpit NPC
•New Cart Style NPC
•Nigmare Biolab Monster & Quest
•Faceworm Monster & Random Enchant Garment
•CharlestonCrisis Enchanter & Quest NPC
•Horror Factory Enchanter & Quest NPC
•Morse Cave Enchanter & Quest NPC
•Jitterbug Equipment NPC
•Old Glast Heim Enchanter & Equipment NPC
•SkyFortress Equipment with RandomOption
•Temple Of Demon God Enchant Stone
•Type of Badge
-PK badge Every time you kill player(Can be trade to Glorious Set &  Costume Item)
-Proof Of Honor Every time you kill player on woe (Can be trade to Woe Set & more)
-MvP Orb Every time you kill MvP monster (Can be trade to Cash Item)
All instance is UP
And Many More
Server Commands:👈
@town @freebies @shop    @rates    @uptime    @mobinfo
@iteminfo    @whodrops    @time    @go    @hominfo
@homstats    @noks    @autoloot
@alootid    @autoloottype    @autotrade    @request
@changegm    @duel    @accept
@invite @leave @refresh 

 /no1 FREEBIES  /no1
+10 Armor Of Choice
+10 Weapon Of Choice
+10 Garment Of Choice
+10 Shoe Of Choice
2,000 Cash Point
10,000,000 zeny
1pcs MvP Card Of Choice

 /heh /?
Full Details of Server info + Our page on FB
 /lv /lv
Page: https://www.facebook.com/BasicROrenewal/
Register: http://basic-ro.ga/
Downloads: http://www.mediafire.com/file/r9aadeh0nhnff8o/Basic+Ragnarok+Lite+Client.rar
Discord: https://discord.gg/X75uU3
Freebies: https://www.facebook.com/BasicROrenewal/photos/a.813430408765509.1073741828.813001795475037/1642118832563325/?type=3&theater
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