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Title: Fen RO
Post by: sieghart282 on Apr 16, 2018, 12:02 PM
Fen RO is a Renewal Ragnarok Online Private Server

essential Information

Rates : Base EXP Rate: 135x
            Job EXP Rate : 135x
            Quest EXP Rate : 135x
            Item Drop Rate : 25x
            MVP Drop Rate : 25x
            MVP Card Drop Rate : 0.05%

Other Information

            Max Level :  175 / 60
            Max Aspd : 193
            Max Stats : 130 ( 3rd Job )
            Party Share Limit :  30 Base Levels

Server Information

           Episode : 16.1
           Third Classes : Fully Available
           Rebellion / Kagerou / Oborro : Fully Available
Functional : Eclage, El Dicastes, Malangdo & Mora Quests

Instance Dungeons Available : Central Laboratory, Last Room, Charleston Crisis, Airship Assault, Bios Island, Morse Cave, Temple of the Demon God, Faceworm's Nest, Old Glast Heim, Endless Tower and MORE!

Nightmare Dungeons : Nightmare Clock Tower, Glast Heim, Pyramids, Scaraba Hole, Nightmare LHZ ( Tomb of Fallen ).

Champion Mob System
WoE, PvP and Battle Grounds

Other information are posted to our forum kindly visit our forum for future updates and suggestions

Website: http://fen.ro-gaming.net/ (http://fen.ro-gaming.net/)

Forums : http://fen.ro-gaming.net/forum/index.php (http://fen.ro-gaming.net/forum/index.php)