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Author Topic: Fantastik Ragnarok Online | 99/70 - Pre-renewal - No 3rd Jobs  (Read 1722 times)

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Offline Fantastik

A simple midrate server but with a twist.

Release Date (Server Grand Opening)
July 5, 2014

Basic Information
Pure Pre-renewal Mechanics
No Third Jobs
100x Exp & Job Rates
25x Drop Rates
Normal Card Drop: 1%
MVP/MINIBOSS Card Drop: 0.01%

Server Features
Custom Maintown
Monster Droopable Headgears
Unique Status Icons
ADelay: ON! to prevent skill spammers. (NoDelays)
Harmony Shield: Anti 3rd Party Programs
NO Glorious Weapons
Battlegrounds v2.0
Automated Events
PVP Ladder (monthly reset w/ prize)
MVP Ladder (monthly reset w/ prize)
Unique Reward System
Costume System
Vote for Points
Custom Items
Market Watch Database (Website Vending Viewer)
Close to official server. No Big Ugly Wings.

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