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Author Topic: EmperiumRO - Mid High Rate | 99/70 | Pre-Re | Rates: 150x150x50x | WOE/BG Server  (Read 858 times)

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Offline yug

EmperiumRO is a well-rounded, offset Ragnarok Online Private Server. Centered on balancing and procuring a solid WoE, BG and PvP grounds for the Community, our Team aims to give the best experience possible. Under Pre-Renewal settings with high rates, we present a place with prime features and progressive gameplay without top-heavy game breaking changes.

It is now time to take a stand. Gather your crew. Ready for the fight of your life.. Hit us with your best shot!

Opens at February 7th,2019!

Control Panel: http://panel.emp-ro.com
Forum: http://forum.emp-ro.com
Register: http://panel.emp-ro.com/?module=account&action=create

General Information:
  • Episode: 13.2: Into the Unknown (Brasilis)
  • Mechanics: Pre-renewal (No 3rd Classes)
  • Exp Rates: 150x
  • Normal Drop Rates: 50x (Learn more.)
  • Normal Card Rates: 1%
  • Boss Drop Rates: 5x
  • Boss Card Rates: Disabled (and various Mini Boss).
  • Pet/Homun Intimacy: 50x
  • Max Level: 99/70
  • Max Stats: 99
  • Max ASPD: 190
  • Instant Cast: 150 Dex
  • Main Town: Prontera (@go 0)
  • Vending Town: Prontera Market (@go 30)

Server Exclusive:
  • ERO Autopot.exe (Application)
  • Smart Restock System
  • Headgear & Card Trader
  • VIP System (Zeny Sink)
  • Claw Game Machine
  • Biweekly Lotti Girl Event
  • Hourly Reward System
  • MVP Reward System
  • And more! Check it out In-Game.

Hosting Information:
  • Server Location: Canada (OVH)
  • DDoS Protection: Enabled
  • Auto Backup: Enabled (Daily)
  • Proxy Support: Disabled

Misc. Information:
  • Platforms: PC Only
  • Mlistti Client: Allowed except WoE, BG and Event Areas
  • EXE Game Version: 2012 Client
  • Fast Refresh (Fade Disabled)
  • Lite Graphics Plugin (LGP)

Server Protection:
  • Gepard Shield 3.0
  • ADelays (No-Delay Protection)

Custom NPC's and Changes:
  • Healer: Free, It removes negative buffs, repair all broken items and identify all unidentified items.
  • Buffer: Level 90 below are free. 5000 Zeny per buffs, Bonus Buffs for VIP user & Buff Card owner.
  • Warper: Field levels are free including MVP maps, Dungeon however only offers first level for Non-VIP user.
  • Tool Dealer: It sell basic item needs such as Potion, Ammunation, Gemstone and other stuff.
  • Job Master: Change your job class.
  • Reset Girl: Reset your Status and Skill.
  • Platinum Skill: Get your character job special skills.
  • Breeder: Rent Cart, Falcon or Peco Peco.
  • Stylist: Choose your style from 699 color clothes, 127 hair colors, 83 hair styles.
  • Card Remover: Decard your Card from your items.
  • Quest Shop: All in One official headgear quests and eRO custom quests.
  • Bank System: Deposit/Withdraw your zeny (account-wide).
  • Daily Hunter: Daily hunting/gathering and get an exclusive rewards from the NPC.
  • Costume Girl: Convert your normal Headgear into Costume.
  • Card Trader: Sell your Trash cards to Points and buy some OCA or any available cards.
  • Headgear Trader: Sell some selected Headgears and get some Donation Credit.
  • Restock Manager: Enable to restock your item from your Storage.
  • Plagriarize: Enable to copy some skill from NPC (You must have Plagiarize skill).
  • Dr. Strange: Name & Sex Changer NPC with ticket Fee.
  • PVP Ranking & Warper: Warp to PK Arena and view the PK Ranking.
  • Hourly Reward System: Get a reward every hour you stay in-game and buy some useflist items.
  • MVP Reward System: Get a reward every time you kill Bosses and buy some PvM items.
  • Castle Dungeon Invest: Castle dungeon entrance where you have to pay per access.
  • Daily Calendar Reward: Receive a different reward everyday!
  • VIP System:
    • Access Dungeon Levels on Warper NPC
    • Bonus Experience from Monsters
    • Bonus Daily Hunting Reward
    • And more! Check it out In-Game.
  • King of Emperium:
    • 2~3 Times Daily
    • KoE Town Flag
    • KoE Rewards + Treasure Room
  • And more! Check it out In-Game.

Instances Related:
  • Nidhoggur & Sealed Shrine Instance Disabled
  • Nidhuggor's & Great Demon Baphomet Fix Respawn Time (720~780 Minutes).
  • Custom Endless Cellar Instance

WoE & Battlegrounds Related:
  • Battlegrounds Mode:
    • Conquest
    • Rush
    • Team Death Match
  • Battleground Shop:
    • BG Weapon & Equipment: Disabled
    • BG/WOE & Universal Supply: Enabled
    • Headgear & Accessory Shop: Enabled
    • And more! Check it out In-Game.
  • ERO Autopot.exe (Application):
  • WoE Skill Modication Friendly-Fire:
    • Mind Breaker
    • Provoke
    • Sharpshoot (SS-Bridge)
  • WoE Rental Gear Box & Supplies
  • Increase Song Buff Duration by 1 Minute.

  • Disguise, Cluckers, Mushroom
  • Claw Game Machine
  • Lotti Girl Event:
    • Different Biweekly Grand Prize
    • Mlistti Currency Payments

Item & Monster Modication:
  • Dead Branch Monster Life Span: (5 Minutes).
  • Disabled Mi Gao Metamorphosis Skill
  • Thanatos Quest Disabled
  • Ktlistlanux (Ice Necklace) Quest Disabled
  • Thanatos Fix Respawn Time (120~130 Minutes).
  • Ktlistlanux Fix Respawn Time (480~490 Minutes).
  • Lord of Death Fix Respawn Location (Upper Right: Niflheim)

  • Elemental Sword: Dual Effect Disabled.
  • Dragon Set: Dragon Vest & Dragon Manteau Dropped by Draco.
  • Item Reduced 50% Of Their Original Price:
    • Carat Diamond (730 ~ 732)
    • Crest Piece (7356 ~ 7359)
    • Crystal Mirror (747)
    • Diamond Ring (2613)
    • Great Nature (997)
    • Green Salad (12065)
    • Gold Ring (2610)
    • Mastela Fruit (522)
    • Munak Doll (7277)
    • Opal (727)
    • Pearl (722)
    • Royal Jelly (526)
    • Silver Ring (2611)
    • Stiletto (1217)
    • Stone of Sage (12040)
    • Topaz (728)
    • Witherless Rose (748)

General Commands:
alootid, autoloot, autoloottype, autorefresh, autotrade, battleinfo, changegm, changeleader, go, gstorage, guildskill, hold,
hominfo, homstats, homtalk, iteminfo, jailtime, jts, mobinfo, noask, noattack, noks, npc, packetfilter, pettalk, pvp, rates,
refresh, request, resetchar, restock, security, settings, showdelay, showexp, showpartybuff, showpartylvl, showpartysp, showzeny,
storage, storeequip, storeit, time, whereis, whobuy, whodrops, whosell

Duel & Battleground Commands:
accept, duel, invite, leave, reject
leader, listenbg, order, reportafk, voteleader

Want to know more?, Check our detailed Command Information here.
NOTE: All information of the server can be changes or updated in all time.
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