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Author Topic: DeepBlueRO New Server (currently on Beta)  (Read 797 times)

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DeepBlueRO New Server (currently on Beta)
« on: Dec 17, 2017, 08:18 AM »
Website: www.deepbluero.com
Sony Xperia XZ to the first 2 players to reach 99/70, trans class
(Phone specs at the bottom)

* Blazing fast Singapore-dedicated server
* DDOS protection & daily server back-up
* stable, lag-free, & well-balanced
* CLEANEST server with NON-corrupt staff
       - GMs CANNOT deal players (FIRST-EVER to implement this!)
       - GMs have NO gears, NO inventory
       - GMs have NO item creation commands
* Logs & Rewards NPC
* Items given by GMs will go thru this NPC
* ALL players CAN VIEW the logs
* Global announcement once prize is claimed
* Gepard Shield v2.0 (Full Package Protection)
       - Anti-Bot
       - Anti-spam (mouse & keyboard)
       - Anti-NoDelay skills & Anti-macro
       - Anti SQL injection
       - Anti Sprite injection
       - Anti Grf injection or data modification
* Pre-renewal, 30x/30x/10x rates
* Max level: 99/70 & MaxAspd: 190
* Max Stat: 99 & Instacast 150 Dex
* Boss/MVP Rates: 1X (same as official)
* MVP card rate: 0.01% (same as official)
* Card remover NPC (same as official)
* Reset NPC (skills, stats, feeling, & homunc)
* Job Changer NPC & Healer NPC
* Warper NPC to towns & fields
* Warper NPC to dungeons (except MVP spawn area)
* Main chat, Trade chat, & Support chat channels
* With a dynamic Ranking system
* Emperium Break Test NPC
* Weekly PVP rank (even new players have a chance)
       - Monthly PVP rank
       - All-time PVP rank
       - All-time MVP kills
       - Best Guild rank system
* Donations items have only SLIGHTY better stats
* Non-donate items also have ADDED STATS
* Customized headgears & other items
* Freebies NPC for all NEW characters
* items given have expiry date & character-bound
* Weekly Freebies
* Daily Events (more frequent with a GM online)
* Devil Square, Dice Roll, Treasure Chests, Disguise
* Monster invasion, Poring Race & many others
* Vote for points & more quests to get DeepBlueRO cards
* Android is DEFINITELY in our future plans
We are still on BETA, join us & familiarize yourself
So you'll have a better chance at winning the SONY XPERIA XZ

Sony Xperia XZs (G8232) Specs:
Qualcomm MSM8996 SnapDragon 820
DUAL SIM + microSD slot
64GB memory (expandable up to 256gb)
5.2-inch screen (424 ppi pixel density)
23 MP Back camera
21 MP Front camera
Ranks will be updated in-game and dbRO discord group. Winners will be contacted directly by Owner-of Euldpeed​ via dbRO discord for their mailing address and winners will be asked to post on DeepBlueRO FB page.