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Author Topic: BrightRO | 20x20x10x | BG & WoE | July 08, 2018  (Read 764 times)

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BrightRO | 20x20x10x | BG & WoE | July 08, 2018
« on: Jun 19, 2018, 06:13 AM »
Welcome to Bright Ragnarok Online

GM Team will waste no resources on providing this Community a fulfilling and enjoyable gaming experience on this mid-rate, pre-renewal server. Let us play together and take comfort in this lively server and not stress ourselves out over our daily dilemmas. To help you with that our humorous and very knowledgeable Game Masters, together with them Tricky and cunning Events staff who will guarantee that you will never have a dull moment in your stay. Retro games come and go. Ragnarok Online will always be nostalgic, our server will sail you through that reminiscing feeling and provide you with an even better gaming experience!

  • Base experience: 20x
  • Job experience: 20x/20x
  • Quest experience: 10x
  • Normal drops: 10x
  • Normal card drops: 0.50%
  • MVP card drops: disabled

  • Episode: 13.2 Encounter with the Unknown
  • Mechanics: Pre-renewal
  • Max level: 99/70
  • Max stats: 99
  • Max attack speed: 190
  • Instant cast: 150 dex
  • Max storage & guild storage: 1000
  • Max zeny: 2,000,000,000
  • Max char slots per account: 15
  • Server timezone: GMT +8
  • Main town: Prontera
  • Main language: English / Tagalog

Game and Host:
  • APK (Android RO) supported
  • ROBrowser supported
  • Multiclients: Enabled (Disabled on some dungeon, field and event area.)
  • Adelays supported (Anti-speedhack/nodelay)
  • Gepard Shield supported
  • Advance DDoS Protection and Mitigation
  • Datacenter: Singapore

Party & Guild:
  • Party exp share: 15% per member
  • Max party size: 20
  • Party share lvl range: 20
  • Guild alliance is disabled only in WoE
  • Max guild size: 76
  • Guild members cap in WoE: N/A

Custom NPC Features:
  • All-in-One Job Master: Access to Job Changes, Platinum Skill, Rental Services and Resets.
  • All-in-One Kafra: Allows you to Save, Reset Position, Name and Gender.
    • Bank: Deposit Zeny account wide.
    • Battleground: BG are different kinds of games where Teams fight for victory.
    • Blank Card: Farm blank cards and exchange it into something.
    • Buffer: You have to pay 2000 zeny to have some extra Buffs.
    • Card Exchange: Change your useless card into Old Card Album.
    • Costume: Convert your headgear into Costume or Revert it.
    • Daily Hunter: Daily Hunting and Killing Quests with exclusive rewards.
    • Daily Rewards: Gives you an exclusive reward every day.
    • Healer: Heals your character fully, debuff negative status and refine broken equips.
    • Mall: Sells basic equipments and stuff.
    • Plagiarism: NPC that allows you to copy skills (for Rogue jobs).
    • Stylist: Change your character style.
    • VIP System: Access extra commands, field and dungeon level's and many more.
    • Voice Changer: Make your character speaks like other MMO game.
    • Warper: Warp you to first level Dungeon, Field or Town.
    • And many more...

    PvP, BG, KoE and WoE:
    • AHK and Auto Pots are allowed
    • BG Items are disabled
    • BG Reward will be Consumable, Headgears and Rental stuff.
    • Classic PvP arena for pre-trans and normal PvP arena (with map stats)
    • Improved castle treasure drops
    • KoE is like a mini woe which happens 3-4 times a day and have exclusive rewards.
    • Pets are disabled in GvG zones

    Events, Votes and Donations:
    • Donation Item: Consumables and Tier Box that gives random headgears.
    • Event Rewards: Event Box (random stuff) and headgears.
    • Vote Shop: Consumables, Misc. and headgears (check here.)
    • GM held events both in-game & forums with exclusive rewards
    • Filtered vote system to prevent abuse.
    • Automated Events like Poring catcher, Poring Punch, King of Hill, Disguise and many more.

    Players commands: autoloot, alootid, autoloottype, autotrade (6 hours), changegm, changeleader, go, homeinfo, homstats, iteminfo, jailtime, mobinfo, noask, noks, rates, refresh, request, showexp, showzeny, storage, time, who, who2, whodrops, whereis.
    Duel commands: duel, accept, invite, leave.

    Custom commands:
    • @managebuff: Exclusive buff command. Toggles buffs option with a Buff Ticket.
    • @dpoints {Points} {IGN}: VIP Command to transfer Kafra Points to any of their accounts.
    • @hold: Toggle to lock or release your character's position.
    • @jtws {item name/ID}: Lets you jump to a vendor selling the specific item you need.
    • @noattack: Disables your character from attacking.
    • @removecostume: Removes equipped costumes. Useful for AndRO/ROBrowser users.
    • @removemount: Removes equipped mount. Useful for AndRO/ROBrowser users.
    • @security: Manages your account's security.
    • @settings: Toggles channel announcements as well as other in-game setting commands.
    • @showpartybuff: Displays party members' special buffs in party list (Alt+Z).
    • @showpartylvl: Displays the level of party members in party list (Alt+Z).
    • @showpartysp: Displays the SP of party members in party list (Alt+Z).
    • @whosell {item name/ID}: Displays the list of vendors selling a specific item.
    • @whobuy {item name/ID}: A command to search buying stores.
    • @voteredeem: Redeems your Vote Rewards in-game.

    Client commands:
    • @lgp: Toggles Lite Graphics Plugin (a built-in client analogue RCX).
    • @aoes: Toggles and displays color areas of skill SG, LOV and MS.
    • @circle: Toggles and displays range around the character.
    • @square {1-14}: Toggles and shows square around the character. Resizable.
    • @shake: Toggles the screen shake effect.