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Akira Ragnarok Online
« on: Dec 23, 2017, 03:51 PM »

Welcome to Akira Ragnarok

Website: Akira Ragnarok Online
Register here: Create new account here
Discord: Join our Discord Server
Facebook page: AkiraRO Facebook
Facebook group: AkiraRO Facebook Group
Basic Information: RateMyServer

✔Active & Helpful GMs
✔Active Development (updates)
✔Weekly Maintenance
✔Balance Server

Server Features
3rd Job and Doram Class
Healer and Buffer
Basic NPC
Max level 175/60
Max ASPD 193
✔ Bounty boards
✔ Costume NPC
✔ Quest Shop
✔ Doram Shop
✔ Ninja Shop
✔ Awakening Rebellion
✔ Complete JRO Outfit
✔ Daily Login
✔ Hourly Rewards
✔ Auto Events
✔ Racing Event
✔ Balance Donation
✔ Quest Headgear
✔ Basic Freebies
✔ Card Trader
✔ Build Manager
✔ Guild Package (Ready to WOE)
✔ Vote for points
✔ Rockridge Mine
✔ All official items

Episode 16.1


✔ 2017 Ragnarok Client
✔ Vellum Equip
✔ Siege Equip
✔ Battleground Equip

Our server is protected by Gepard  /no1

@joinbg command

Guild Package Reward
Newbie Freebies
FB Group reward

For updates please check our Facebook. Our server updates are weekly  /gg

See you in Prontera!  /no1