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Author Topic: Owl Origin RO (MY) 1/4/17 Mid Rate 35x35x35x  (Read 938 times)

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Owl Origin RO (MY) 1/4/17 Mid Rate 35x35x35x
« on: Apr 02, 2017, 11:26 PM »
OwlOrigin - RO /ho /ho


Looking for the best guild out there seeking challenge. Beat our server’s best guilds, make history! /no1

 /no1 Create your Own Dynasty /no1

=================Server Information==================

Singapore Base Server

Main Town: Gonryun

Mid Rate Server
- Max Base Level: 99
- Max Job Level: 70
- Max Stats: 99
- Max ASPD: 193
- No Cast Dex: 150

- Server Time: GMT + 8:00
- Job/Class:  Transcendent  Classes
- Server Setting: Pre-Renewal
- Anti Cheat / DDOS System
- Gepard Shield

- Cards Modified

- Semi Hunting Server ( Thats why we make sure its Definitely a long term Server. )

• General Rates:
- Server Rates: 35x/35x/35x
-Normal cards 25x
-Boss cards 0.5x
 /omg /omg  -MVP cards 0.1x  /omg /omg

Gepard Protection v2.0 / Customized Shield

Customized NPC

Balance Gaming Server

Removal of God Item


Guild Capacity 22/22

Current Available Jobs: TRANS

===========Customized NPC===============
Card Remover Npc
Healer Platinum Skill
Universal Rental Reset
Warper Npc
Ripped Cabus(GYM)
Stylish Mall
Custom Tool Dealer
Breeder Npc

============Customized Events/Party Events===========
Devil Square