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Author Topic: Whitesmith Help!!!!! in pvp o woe mode.....  (Read 36426 times)

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Re: Whitesmith Help!!!!! in pvp o woe mode.....
« Reply #15 on: Sep 08, 2007, 07:42 PM »
I've played a WS before but it was on HR and I had like 180 aspd by the time I had CT anyways. I couldn't tell the difference between 180 aspd and 190 aspd.

I just never played a WS with no agi, but I know for a fact it's good on LR.


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Re: Whitesmith Help!!!!! in pvp o woe mode.....
« Reply #16 on: Sep 09, 2007, 03:17 PM »
It's probably defense. The best weapon is an Ice Pick usually, since it'll ignore defense and add a little sometimes.

And I wouldn't use any Agi. Cart Termination isn't based on Agi, and just attacks as fast as you can click. Get a lot of str and get enough vit/luk to not get stunned (80 vit 51 luk is enough, or 85 vit 36 luk), then put the rest into dex.

And don't attack a lot of random people without ED since you'll probably get frozen/stoned/sleeped or something. Hammer Fall is useful in WoE if you have people around you that can do enough damage damage.

Most of this is wrong. Cart term IS based on Aspd unless your server changed that. I wouldnt put points into luck on a cart term build. You do NOT need to worry much about all of those statuses cus the Status armors have been severely nerfed(again if your server has updated) and barely anyone uses them now. Those who do.. only get a 9% chance to cause status at best so its not much to worry about.

Ice pick is good for ct though if you have aar.
The luck is only for anti stun since it's really bad to get stunned. And I never actually tried a WS with low aspd but I heard CT wasn't based on agi, and CT doesn't really show and attacking animation (it looks more like you just stand there and the enemy blows up) so I couldn't tell. You still attack fast without agi so I don't see why it makes much of a difference though (you'll have 170 aspd with a Bloody Axe with 44 base dex and no equip boosts for any stats, and 156 aspd with Ice Pick), and the vit is probably better.

With 87 agi and 40 total vit, you get 181 aspd with Bloody Axe and 171 aspd with Ice Pick, so you'll attack like 50% faster, but you go from 11k hp down to 8.4k, which is a big loss in pvp. Besides, everyone hates stun with under 50 vit. A LK can bash you to death by luck if you have lowish vit and you're a class that can't avoid it (just about every other class in the game can fight from long range if they need to). And 156 aspd can still get off more than 1 CT per second, while the Bloody Axe with no agi can hit around 2 times a second.

Although you're right about the luk. Having luk is mainly to not get stunned, but I forgot if you can get 85 vit stun will barely last anyways.

And status armors are used and can be really annoying sometimes. If someone has a Garm (and apparently his server has quite a few MVP cards), then it's a pretty strong status armor that you should keep away from.

Ice Pick officially should work, but on some servers it doesn't.

On any ct build you want above 50 vit but around 60-80 is fine for stun. Luck adds stun resistsance but at a Much lower rate than vit does so its just not worth the points. Id maybe argue that 30ish luck would be ok on a Max power thrust+mammo+meltdown build.. but that is way different than a ct build.

There is actually an animation for cart term. The smith spins around and wacks the person with cart. Its aspd based. Bloody axe isnt ideal for cart term btw... you kinda want a sheild unless you have that new super strong axe with the big aspd debuff (Doom Slayer).. but again using that would completely change your build. Overuped War Axe(this is what i meant when i said bloody in the old post)with zipper or overuped morning stars with zipper is the way to go... or ice pick.

Smiths can get good def so i wouldnt worry a whole lot about statuses. You should have anti freeze on and for stun your 60+ vit should make the duration short enough that it wont bother you much.

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Re: Whitesmith Help!!!!! in pvp o woe mode.....
« Reply #17 on: Sep 12, 2007, 12:47 AM »
r u talking bout if i wanna +my own stun success rate... then i should +more vit to hv more stun success rate??? n i wanna ask ultima wat is LR????

n did any1 knw except marc card wat else can i do 2anti-freeze????
Posted on: September 09, 2007, 07:22:25 pm
can any1 pls reply me????

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Re: Whitesmith Help!!!!! in pvp o woe mode.....
« Reply #18 on: Sep 12, 2007, 07:01 AM »
Your own stun rate is always the same, depending on the lvl of Hammer Fall and CT.

I play on a server that has a LR that's max lvl 99/70 and a HR that's 255/70. I have a few characters on both, but haven't made a WS on LR yet, and you get enough stat points on HR to easily max aspd and still have like max str and 150 vit and 150 dex, so there's no reason at all to go low agi, and I never tried it with low agi.

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Re: Whitesmith Help!!!!! in pvp o woe mode.....
« Reply #19 on: Sep 12, 2007, 08:05 AM »
ohhh.... ok, n does any1 knw wat i ask at top??? how to anti-freeze except using marc card??? coz i hv a fren can made tat... but he don wanna tell me....

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Re: Whitesmith Help!!!!! in pvp o woe mode.....
« Reply #20 on: Sep 15, 2007, 12:52 PM »
Evil druid card protects from freeze and stone as well as prevents use of asperiso on you.

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Re: Whitesmith Help!!!!! in pvp o woe mode.....
« Reply #21 on: Nov 12, 2007, 11:45 AM »
Kurogasa, I have a Doom Slayer[1[ with my low rate ws, it's not so good, your aspd would be very low and, u will depend on soul change in woe (or on your money) the 2x sp cost of the skills is really bad,
The axe i'm using now is the Hurricane Fury with a Zipper, the aspd is really good (184) 'n u will kill a lot of people with it, but, on some player's, i prefer using ice pick (so u can use a shield) 'cos they have a very high defense (pally's etc...),  with a soullink, it's really good.
 I Think that a War Axe+7 is a good choice too.
Hope it will help =P

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Re: Whitesmith Help!!!!! in pvp o woe mode.....
« Reply #22 on: Nov 12, 2007, 12:29 PM »

How to win:

WS have a few very powerful skills.:
Cart Termination
cart revolution.
Soul link

These 3 skills are usually your main attack/defend skills.
Here is a general idea of usage:

Meltdown: A skill which allows you to break Armour/weapon. (8%, 10%) I believe. Maybe be reversed X_X.gif.

Cart Termination: Depending on your cart weapon + weapon, this skill has a chance to stun, and do a huge amount of damage. Ive done around 4.5k on a sac pally before with ice pick, 8000 cart weight, and weapon enchant. This is the main damage skill used by most WS. Note, CT + Meltdown do not stack anymore.

Mammonite: This skill stacks with MD, so this skill is usually one of my favorite. It doesnt do as much damage as CT, but still one skill to be reckoned with. Since you can utilize a cranial buckler/guard, allowing you to tank more.

Hammerfall: Some people dont think this is a skill at all, but i believe it to be a powerful one. This skill causes stun, so people who have ~50 vit, they get owned. And with stun, comes no flee/dodge, so Hammerfall, CT or Mammonite, is a great combo.

Cart Revolution: This skill also stacks with meltdown. This skill somewhat throws your cart around..i know, and has an AoE effect. Really effective in woe. CR + MD = AoE /omg.

Soul link: This soul link, not sure, i will have to double check, increases your atkspeed even more, and can be used when you have a dagger/sword equipped. Its really useful when using CK.

In order to win against most classes, aside from a few exceptions, you would use CT, stun them, and kill them. Or you can be an donkey, and break their stuff by poking when stunned.


Sac/Shield chain pally: Easy please. If you have a decently equipped character, (Immune, poopoo, cranial, combat knife) Sac pallys will do 1.5k~ damage on you. Against this class, CT ftw since CT goes through guard. If they are Shield chain, they wil have less hp, so you will kill them faster. And you will actually have a chance to stun with CT this time. If they are hybrid, IMO, even better, since they had to sacrifice a huge amount of lvl points to get high dex to hit, and high vit for sac. Good luck.

SinX: Oh dear, a bit of trouble here IMO. Since most sinxs these days have finally understood the important of Vit, your stun advantage is lost. If its a SB sinx, you better hope they suck, since SB + Link = stacking sb with around 600-1k each hit. I would try to to use Combat knife + full demi reduction gears, and mammonite, hope you break their main SB weapon, and then switch to CT weapon and mass. Thats if you get lucky =). If its against a SBK sinx, use demi reductions and when they sbk you, switch to bloody axe, sight clip, and run towards them and CT. They might backslide, but you'll usually get a CT on them. Due to their low agi/flee, you'll do a lot of damage.

Creators: Get a hide clip. Thats all there is too it. Most Creators are AD build, so with hide clip, you can slowly move up to them. Again low agi/flee, so CT will hit. If its a homo homun build, do what aru said before, ignore the pet, go for the creator. Since most pets are vani, you'll have a harder time. But if you have confidence in your CTing abilities, kill the pet, then go for the owner when he is trying to call the pet back.

Clowns/gypsy: These guys are a pain, seriously. If they are bow build, double strafe, run, double strafe run, until your dead. If its instrument build, its more like VA run VA run. If you're against a gypsy, use your mammo skill, since their dont forget me skill, totally f*** up CT.

Sniper: Just run, if you can land a CT you most likely win. DS, DS, DS = you lying their looking idiotic.

HW: Try to get CT on them first again, since HW usually have like 60 vit, your CT stun will help. Or use hammerfull and Mammo them.

Prof: Similar to sniper, dispel easily kills all your buffs, leaving you there looking stupid. With high Vit, stun isnt even effective. If you can break their items, you have a higher chance of winning.

Champ: You're main weapon is to stun him. Since most champs have 90+ dex and high int+ str for asura damage; if you stun him, he'll most likely drop.

Lord Knight: Depending on his or her build, he will be decently powered. For example, if he is pure spiral Perice build, he will be able to always hit on you, try to use your dbb chain for this case, or combat knife and poke/mammo him until you break his main weapon, then switch to CT-ing weapon and kill him. I have only seen a few LK who are intelligent enough to play their class correctly. If they are brandish/Bowling build, breaking their weapon is your way to success.

Stalker: IF you get an FCP, you shouldnt be too worried, since most lvl 99/70 stalkers are FS build. If they are bowling bash or any other build, try to use your meltdown skill and break with mammo + CK, if they also have FCP, dont be worried, chances are you will out damage them.

High Priest: Break + Stun, most HP are full support so it shouldnt be a problem, if they have link, use a hide clip. But remember, dont pick on the semi helpless, its not c00lm4n.

Get the common ones:
+7 cranial buckler
+4 Combat knife
+7 dilligent war axe
+7 coat of aries
+7 ED coat/silk for mdef
+7 unfrozen
+9 superiour shoes
2x str cores
poopoo hat
+x elemental weapon for the annoying GR users.
Ice pick

You can use your GRs, GTB, w/e if you like, but these are just common ones. You can also use higher refine rates aswell. But once again, common gears.

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Re: Whitesmith Help!!!!! in pvp o woe mode.....
« Reply #23 on: Nov 12, 2007, 08:45 PM »
1) Fill cart as heavy as you can
2) Use some of your buff's
3) Cart termination away!


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Re: Whitesmith Help!!!!! in pvp o woe mode.....
« Reply #24 on: Nov 13, 2007, 10:30 AM »
dragon, u have forgotten of two things, professor and HP's and HW have Safety Wall, proffesor is a very difficult class to kill with a whitesmith, only if he/she has an elevated casting time, u can rely on the throw tomahawk skill to kill some of them

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Re: Whitesmith Help!!!!! in pvp o woe mode.....
« Reply #25 on: Nov 13, 2007, 08:38 PM »
Alright, I got that one from a friend on my server, but I wrote a guide that I feel encompasses nearly every aspect of the Whitesmith class.

Before I get started, I would like to state something that should apply to all players.


I don’t even care if you play a thief class char, GET A HIDE CLIP. Hide is arguably the best skill in the game. Alongside Bless and Teleport.


Well Sir and/or Ma’am. They’re a very effective class in WoE, which I will get into later. They’re also an extremely fun class to play, cool looking too! They might SEEM expensive, but in grand scheme of things they can actually make you money and in WoE you really shouldn’t waste more than 400k-500k a WoE from CT alone. And if you think outside the box you’ll realize there’s more to Whitesmiths than just CT and Meltdown. 99 int/vit FS Ws anyone? You get a cool 1k Lv. 3 heal tongue.gif

Now then. A Whitesmith or “Mastersmith” is the transcendent version of a Blacksmith. You can turn into a blacksmith after hitting job 40 on a merchant, and then by passing the Blacksmith quest.

Once you hit 99/50 Blacksmith, you must reborn at the building in top left Juno, hit job 45 as a high merchant, and then transform into a whitesmith. I would recommend going to job 50 for the extra points, but it’s not all that necessary. Get a friend to tank you at otters, might be costly but it goes by fast.

Whitesmith - After reborning into a whitesmith, life gets cooler. You get those wonderful bonus stat points, the sexy skill cart boost, and the sprite of a stripper. You’ll be about level 60-70, depending on what job level you went to.

Training -

60-80 - One word. Otters. Simple, easy, fast, effective. Use mammonite with a wind 2h weapon ( Tomahawk for example ). Hell you’ll even make a profit if you pick up all of the loot! f*** seals.

81-90 - Otters. Or if you have an auger ( Ice Pick ) you can mammonite or Cart Term Goats, but just know there’s no real way to make your money back there.

91-95 - This is where the leveling gets a bit harder, and the exp gets a lot lower. I personally leveled at Raydrics, but unless you’re lucky enough to get a raydric card or abysmal knight card there’s no real income from here. Most people might start heading toward bio3 by now, but in my opinion you should wait until at least level 94. You could also stick to good old fashioned Otters or Turtles.

96 - 99 - Bio3 lol.gif . Unless you have the patience of a monk, you will definitely want to get those last levels at bio3. You will also hit job 70 fast too so you don’t have to worry about job levels. You can easily solo there, but it’s best to bring a good High Priest with you.

Whitesmith Skills -

Requirement: Skin Tempering lv3, Hilt Binding lv1, Weapon Research lv5 and Overthrust lv3
Max Lv : 10
-Under the condition of Meltdown, the weapon and equipment of the target will has a certain rate to be broken. When this is used on the monsters, the attack and defense of the monsters will be reduced. As the skill lv increases, the damage rate increases as well.
Skill Level -Weapon damage %/Eqps damge %-Sp consumed- Duration- Cast Time
1. 1 %/0.7% 50 15 5
2. 2 %/1.4% 50 20 5
3. 3 %/2.1% 60 25 6
4. 4 %/2.8% 60 30 6
5. 5 %/3.5% 70 35 7
6. 6 %/4.2% 70 40 7
7. 7 %/4.9% 80 45 8
8. 8 %/5.6% 80 50 8
9. 9% /6.3% 80 55 9
10. 10%/7.0% 80 60 9

Weapon Refine
Requirement: Weapon Research lv10
-characters will be able to refine weapon
This skill is only affected by job level
This skill consume 30 sp
Skill lv- Max Lv of weapons can be refined
1. +1
2. +2
3. +3
4. +4
5. +5
6. +6
7. +7
8. +8
9. +9
10. +10

Refine level 1 weapon - Phracon
Refine level 2 weapon - Emveretacron
Refine level 3,4 weapon - Oridecon

Cart Boost 
Requirement: Push Cart lv5, Cart Revolution lv1, Change Cart lv1, Hilt Binding lv1
Max Lv: 1
-Under the condition of Cart Boost, the movement speed of push cart equipped increased. This skill will not be affected by value of Agi or effects of Agi Decrease skill.

Cart Termination

Type: Active [ Max 10 LV ]
Target: Single Enemy
Description: Can only be used while in Cart Boost state. Using the power of the money, you strike a single target with your cart. It uses some Zeny, and has small chance of stunning the target. The damage depends on weight taken by items inside the cart.

No casting time, or after-cast delay.
SP taken is fixed to 15.
This skill requires Merchant Mammonite LV 10, Blacksmith Hammerfall LV 5, Whitesmith Cart Boost LV 1.

Skill LV - Attack Power - Zeny Taken - Stun Chance
1 - (Weight / 15) % - 600Z - 5%
2 - (Weight / 14) % - 700Z - 10%
3 - (Weight / 13) % - 800Z - 15%
4 - (Weight / 12) % - 900Z - 20%
5 - (Weight / 11) % - 1000Z - 25%
6 - (Weight / 10) % - 1100Z - 30%
7 - (Weight / 9) % - 1200Z - 35%
8 - (Weight / % - 1300Z - 40%
9 - (Weight / 7) % - 1400Z - 45%
10 - (Weight / 6) % - 1500Z - 50%

Max Overthrust

Type: Active [ Max 5 LV ]
Target: Yourself
Description: Greately increase weapon power by using power of the Zeny. Unlike normal Overthrust, this skill only affects you. All skill levels have same 0.1% chance of weapon breaking every hit.

SP taken is fixed at 15.
Lasting time is fixed to 180 Sec.
There is no casting time / after-cast delay.
This skill requires Over Thrust LV 5.

Skill LV - Bonus Damage - Zeny Taken
1 - 120% - 3000Z
2 - 140% - 3500Z
3 - 160% - 4000Z
4 - 180% - 4500Z
5 - 200% - 5000Z

Taken from: http://forums.roempire.com/showthread.php?t=76708

Summarized Skills -

Weapon Refine - Not sure whether this skill works correctly on this server or not, I don’t even have it. It is extremely useful for Forger whitesmiths, which will be talked about in Mel’s section of the guide J

Adrenaline Rush - Increases ASPD when wielding a mace or axe class weapon. Can be cancelled by agi down.

Weapon Perfection - Adds extra damage to your attacks.

Over thrust - Increases your damage.

Maximize Power - Your attacks do their maximum damage.

Hammer Fall - 70% chance to stun your target. A must, very useful in WoE.

Unfair Trick - Reduces the cost of Mammonite by 10%.

Mammonite - Think of this as an expensive Bash. Costs 1z at level 10, 900z with Unfair Trick. Useful for when Cart Term is not available. Also takes % cards and works with meltdown.

Cart Revolution - An attack that hit’s a 3x3 area around your target. Always neutral. Works with status cards, % cards, and meltdown. Good for mob control, and makes for a cheap way to level.

Loud Exclamation - +4 To Str. tongue.gif

Weapon Repair - Self-Explanatory. Repairs a broken weapon/armor.
Lv. 1 Weapon - Iron Ore
Lv. 2 Weapon - Iron
Lv 3. Weapon - Steel
Lv. 4 Weapon - Rough Oridecon
Armors - Steel

Weaponry Research - Max this out. At level 10 this skill gives you a bonus of +20 ATK/HIT

Skin Tempering - I suggest you max this out. Maxes at level 5, giving you +20% resistance to Fire, +5% defense.

Meltdown - Definitely a must. One of the most feared skills in WoE. Combined with status maces/axes this skill can hold back or disable an entire guild when used with cart revolution.

Cart Boost - Like a personal Agility up. Needed in order to cast Cart Termination. Can be canceled by Quagmire, Agility Down, Dispel.

Cart Termination - The main attack of a whitesmith, Giving a whitesmith the highest DPS output short of a potting Champion or Edp Sinx. Costs 1.5k at level 10, but definitely worth it. Extremely useful in WoE for taking out low def chars, and high def chars when used while wielding an Ice pick. The stun is deadly, with a base stun of 5 seconds. Cannot be casted without Cart Boost.

Maximum Over thrust - At level 5, doubles your damage with normal hits. Adds about 20% more damage with Mammonite and Cart Termination. Personal Preference I guess, I don’t use it much. Not even in WoE.

Equipment -

Top Headgear - Anything with high defense, or of course, a poo poo hat or angeling hat. A +9 Carat hat is also very useful. I suggest not basing your build off of your top headgear, because it can be broken or stripped, or you may need to change to a nightmare hat to counter a DP armor.

Middle Headgear - Demon Ears, Angel Ears. Both of those give a +1 STR/DEF bonus which is nice. Or some form of Sunglasses[1]/Glasses[1] with a good card inside if you’re rich.

Bottom Headgear - Cigarette. All the cool kids are smoking, I just wanna fit in.

Body - Breaking this down into 3 sections.
PvM: An over upgraded Ares Chainmail, Lordsclothes. Or some form of a status effect armor.
Pvp: Marc, Ares Chainmail, Status armors.
WoE: Definitely a marc or evil druid. Ditch the Ares chain mail. Status armors are useful too for tanking.

Weapon - Note: Cart Termination does not take bonuses from % cards. Meaning Race and Size cards do not effect it. It is based solely on ATK. The best weapon is a +10 Double Diligent Morning Star. A war axe is also good for the Dex bonus, but like I said it’s best not to base your build off of items that can be stripped/broken. Elemental Maces are also a must, for GR users and against elemental coat wearers. Or frozen/stoned players. Status maces are also a good addition to your weapon collection. Combined with meltdown and cart revolution it can easily hurt mobs of people in WoE. A +10 Diligent Perfect Morning Star is the hot. An auger and a combat knife are sexy as well for all occasions.

Shield - Cranial, duh. Don’t give me that Medusa nonsense. A +7 or higher buckler is good. Valkyrie shield FTW. GTB is nice as well.

Garment - +7or higher manteau with a Raydric card inside is a must. Also, keep a ragamuffin around for the mdef bonus. Noxious and Deviling as useful as well for pvp/pvm. Not so much WoE unless you know how to use them correctly. Valkyrie Manteau is good for the shield reflect.

Shoes - +9 Strong Shoes/Boots. Not only do you get +10% Hp/Sp, but a nice +2 STR bonus as well. If those are out of your price range, +7 or higher boots with a matyr card or verit are good as well.

Accessories - Muscle rings x2. Or a combination of Vesper Cores 02.

Stats -

Strength: The most important stat for a whitesmith. All of your attacks are based on STR and ATK. ( Cart Term also being based on weight of cart ). The average battle whitesmith should have no less than 100 str, most going for 120. If you plan on leveling as an Agi smith I still strongly suggest you get 90 str minimum.

Agility: Very important for attack speed. At 110 Agi your flee barely makes 200 ( without a wander man or nine tails ), but this is still a very important stat because all of your attacks’ delays are aspd based. What a lot of people don’t realize is that a berserk potion adds about 9 to your aspd, so try not to invest too much into it. A good amount would be around 60-70, 80-90 if you’re an agi smith.

Vitality: The 2nd most important stat for a whitesmith. I probably shouldn’t have to explain why this is a good stat. Every class should have a good amount in it. I suggest keeping it above 70, because even if you have those useful Panaceas in WoE Stun cannot be cured by Panaceas.

Intelligence: Although this can be a useful stat, in the long run it’s not needed. With easy access to making blue pots and having professors around in WoE it’s not necessary to add to this. A +9 Carat hat helps to increase your Max SP.

Dexterity: Very useful. While a lot of players have ditched agility for vit. And that most monsters, aside from MvPs, have very low flee. It is still an incredibly good stat. With the Hit Bonus whitesmiths get from the skill Weapon Research, whitesmiths can achieve a pretty decent Hit with mediocre dex. I’m a bit of a dex whore, so I’d say get no less than 60, more if possible.

Luck: Unless you’re a crit blacksmith, this stat is pretty much useless with the exception of forging.

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Re: Whitesmith Help!!!!! in pvp o woe mode.....
« Reply #26 on: Nov 13, 2007, 08:39 PM »

Dueling - In my eyes, dueling is an essential way to learn and have fun. Whether it’s a 1 on 1 battle or a “Teaming” situation, it’s always fun to test your skills against another.

Champs - First off, the Champion will most likely cast Decrease Agility on you. Follow by a quick FO, if not a Snap ( Body Relocate ) next to you with a couple Invests. To counter this, your beautiful hide clip comes in. Before even proceeding to attack him, make sure you know ahead of time if he has a status armor or it’s game over. If he succeeds in using decrease agility, quickly cart boost once, dodge his FO or if he tries to invest you, cast adrenaline rush and mammonite him with meltdown enchanted. His invest with do more damage but hitting him will cause him to snap away or Palm Push Strike you to get some distance between the two of you. After this recast Cart Boost and run towards him, hiding from any attempts at FO-ing you. Once you lay some Cart Terms on him, or stun him for even a second or two it’s over. If they try to Asura, hide dodge it and laugh.

High Priests - El Oh El. Waste of time, be the bigger man and walk away. The weaker or poorly geared ones are much easier to kill.

Paladin - Auger + Full Adrenaline Rush + CT = Boom. Hide from his pressures, wear a status armor to disable him/her from healing/shield charging. Wear ED/Nightmare to keep yourself from statusing. Game. Against a Tao - Sac paladin, throw tomahawk with meltdown to break their armor and weapon, CT, and Game.

Sniper - Ohohoho. The anti-whitesmith. This is where brains come in. Use obstacles. Use hide. Avoid Traps. And attack. Status armors come in handy here, for once you get within CT range he’s a goner.
Note: There is no chance your high def will cause him to run out of SP before killing you.

Clown - A fairly easy class to kill with a whitesmith. Just plain old CT spam. Watch out for those lucky Coma Tarot Cards.

Gypsy - A bit harder to kill, especially with the “Don’t Forget Me” song. If you’re hit by the song try and break her weapon with meltdown + mammonite. Hide behind your high defense to save yourself from her Vulcan Arrow. Once the song effect wears off, CT her to death, or Mammonite if she’s smart enough to recast the song.

Stalker - Another fairly easy class to kill. Pretty straightforward CT to death. If they’re a Bow Wielding Bowling Bash type, you can hide dodge it, be careful and try to avoid the full strip. And even with full strip a few CT hits and they’re down.

Assassin Cross - If they’re Soul Breaker, it’s a matter of getting to them, while avoiding their attacks with hide. A duel against a non-linked non-edp using Sinx is easy. Your DPS output is much higher than his, and with the extra stun bonus he’ll be done in seconds. Against link, much harder. With their no delay your best choice is to CT them until you get lucky with a stun, then finish them off. Or you could break their weapon and finish them off. EDP… get lucky and get to them before they get to you. Use a box of sunlight if possible.

Creator - Not much to this, especially if they’re AD creators ( which most are ). A good Creator will kill you in no less than 2 Acid Demos unless you have a GR or Deviling. But if you manage to get in CT range your chances increase to 80% of winning. Using a Combat Knife will not only reduce AD damage but also ignore their defense. But be careful, it could get broken.

Professors - The fact that most on this server are full support, doesn’t really leave much to dueling them. And to put it simply against those that have actual bolt spells, use mdef. I know it sounds cheap, but that’s like saying having def against a whitesmith is cheating. Dealing with dispel can be a bit tricky, but you can still mammonite them to death.

High Wizard - Whee. This is where Tomahawk Throw and Hide really make an appearance. With their safety wall and quagmire they can take down a whitesmith quickly. Keep your distance, and use mammonite excessively here. From experience they will eventually walk out of their precious safety wall to get a cast off, hide from it and CT them. Stun, and win. If you don’t have a tomahawk, your best chances are to walk up to them and hammer fall while hitting their safety wall to break it. Use mdef, and status maces if available. Wear ED but be cautious, Soul Strike hurts. Also, pay attention if they have Sight Blaster, that’ll knock you back 3 cells and can give them time to safety wall again.

Lord Knight - Gee Gee. An extremely fun class to play against. I’ll break this down into the 3 most common types of Lks.

2h - Have your hide clip ready for this one. Ever since the BB update, every 2h is walking around with that skill. If you’re good at hide dodging, or terrible, this is where you’ll improve. Quickly avoid his Bowling Bashes by hiding and CT him until he eventually Berserks. After which, get some distance between the two of you and tomahawk throw him with meltdown casted. If he gets close to you, hide until it wears off. Again, it may seem cheap, but if they’re dependent on berserk then maybe they should rethink their play style. Be careful, for some have a alarm ( I think ) that lets them autocast Sight when hit.

Spiral - Easiest of them all. If they’re using a Hell’s Fire, wear an ifrit coat. the toughest it could get is if they’re using a DF with a Hell’s fire, therefore doing a lot of damage on you if you wear ED. Chances are you can quickly break their lance and CT them to death. If they berserk, equip a status coat or hide, try not to waste money CT-ing them to death.

Pierce/Bash/Brandish - Believe it or not, this is the hardest type to duel. Especially if they’re equipped with a Brocca. They’ll spear stab and spear boom you to death, but try to break their weapon. I suggest not using tomahawk throw, for the spear boom will hurt you a lot. This is more a battle of who has more STR and VIT, which is clearly the Lk. Your chances may seem slim, but if you can break their weapon you can stall them long enough to get some good CT hits in. Also, remember that Brandish has a 1 second cast time, so this is a good way to practice hide dodging. A combat knife is very useful here.

There are a couple of hybrid Lks, Sword for example. But if you apply these to each situation you’ll be fine.

Whitesmiths - This is basically who has the better gears, better build and higher levels. Same class duels are extremely boring. Unless it’s 2 champions. I tend to play defensive against another whitesmith. If they use an auger, wear poo poo hat and a combat knife. If they use status coats, counter it. If they play defense, play offense smile.gif .

War Of Emperium -

Offense: When attacking, you should realize that whitesmiths make great tankers. Rush in leading, or behind the Sinx emp breakers. I suggest only Cting low vit chars, especially High Wizards and Sinx and Snipers. Be wary of Professors and champs. If your walking into a room with a good precast, cast meltdown before entering to break the dancer/bards weapons if they’re casting Loki. Do not waste time and money on high vit chars or tanks. Make your way to the Emp and use status maces to take care of professors and high priests. Don’t panic if you get dispelled, for once a Prof successfully dispels you he’ll most likely turn his attention elsewhere. Cast Cart Boost and keep rushing towards the Emp slowly recasting all of you buffs. Once you’re at the Emp, act as a supporter to your fellow teammates. Although whitesmiths can make great Emp breakers with an auger and full adrenaline rush, you’re better off hammer falling and killing the weaker classes attempting to stop the breakers. Cast Hammer Fall on the Emperium to keep any players from killing your Sinx, and remember to use Cart Rev + Meltdown on mobs. If you can get your hands on bragi, use magnum break instead of Cart Rev because it has a larger splash attack than Cart Rev.

Defense: Defense is where whitesmiths truly specialize in. Whitesmiths excel in crowd control, with a Cart Rev + Meltdown + Status Maces weakening and breaking tankers and general mobs entering your precast , you can successfully disable and minimize the amount people trying to break into your castle. If your guild has set up Loki’s Veil you can still meltdown outside of it and walk in to break player’s equipment with normal attacks. The only classes you shouldn’t bother breaking are Creators, whitesmiths, and people you can tell they have FCP. Your main priorities should be Assassins and Professors. Again, make sure to kill high wizards, stalkers and sniper. They die fairly quick to CT. If you have a quadruple Ice Mace, freeze those GR users and call a Champ to Asura them ( <3 Vent ). If the enemy makes it to the emp, Break those pesky Sinx with a Cart Rev + Meltdown. And make sure to Hammer Fall like crazy.
Posted on: November 13, 2007, 12:38:39 pm

The perception about forgesmiths is that "OMG RICHHHH!!111!!!1111one!". Au Contrarie, forging is expensive, tedious and generally annoying and I highly suggest you keep away from it as an income source unless you know you have a steady supply of materials. If you do it because you love it (like I do) then by all means read ahead. If you don't love it.....read anyway?

First things first...you cannot make level 4 weapons, katars, ropes, jurs, or instruments smile.gif

Generally stats for forgesmith is simple.

1. Dex = 99
2. Luk = 99
It's highly suggested that you don't forge until and unless you can max out these stats. Success rates sake. Generally dex affects forging successes as such:
1 Dex = 1 forging rate and
1 Luk = .5 forging rate.
So by the power of deduction...... Dex>Luk

Please make a note that 1 is not 1% and by 110% does not mean your success rate is 110%
Blessing and Gloria are key components to forging stats as well since bless adds 10 DEX and Gloria adds 30 LUK.

Skills...... max out all your forge skills. It's pretty self explanatory. Go here to see


The success rates of weapons depends on the level of the weapon too of course. According to doddler your success rate is ~70%. Obviously, that is not level 3 weapons. Let us not forget that if you're making VVS ___ weapons, adding starcrumbs and elemental stones reduces success rates as well.

Generally even with dex foods, dex equipment and every other godly item on the server, your success rate still stays in the general area of 40% to 50%. Believe me, I've tried it all. Sometimes....just sometimes I make it to 60-70%... it makes my heart warm and fuzzy when that happens smile.gif


Well, it's pretty much every and any dex/luk equip you can find in game. I have equipped my Whitesmith as so:
Upper head: valk/AoA. AoA is obviously cheaper and does the same thing as the valk.
Mid head: none
Lower: none
Armor: Baby Leopard Silk Robe (rocker and poring is so-so too for those who can't afford it)
Weapon: Drops War Axe (definitely better than Excalibur with 10 LUK)
Shield: none
Robe: Mastering muffler
Shoes: Crystal Pumps
Accessories: Nimble Gloves x 2
Nothing godly, but still effective.


1. You lose the items if your forge/refine fails.
2. You need mini-furnaces to make elemental ores such as flame hearts, mystic frozen, Great Nature and Rough Wind. You can refine them from ores such as red bloods, crystal blues, wind of verdure and green lives. 10 red bloods = 1 flame heart
3. To make VVS Weapons you need:
a) hammers ([email protected] blacksmith shop)
cool.gif materials to make it (steels, oridecons, gems...check your skill list)
c) starcrumbs (to add the very very. 1 StarCrumb = 1 Very)
d) elemental stones (to make it.....elemental?)


Rank list rules go as such:
1) Only level 3 weapons get you blacksmith points
2) Has to be a "Very Very Strong ________"
3) You only see your blacksmith points when you're in the proximity of getting onto the blacksmith list
4) 1 VVS ________ = 10 blacksmith points

I personally stopped caring about making ranks and generally just forge to give my income a boost sometimes. The exhilaration wanes out from time to time.

Oh, and don't forget.


Sorry for the triple post, but this guide exceeded the post limits.

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Re: Whitesmith Help!!!!! in pvp o woe mode.....
« Reply #27 on: Nov 14, 2007, 07:44 PM »
in my server most of the champions use dex around 135-140, its very hard not to take a asura strike and survive without a GR card, profs usually uses safety wall every time they are in the pvp, so u have to rely on hiding clips or on the Throw Tomahawk Skill, heavens driver is also a very powerfull skill in pvp.
another thing, i prefer using a Bloodied Shackle Ball with a Shackles +8/+9
te damage is higher, another times, its usefull to get a sight clip (vs. SinX, and those who fall back on Hide to survive)
hope u will undertand everything(a brazilian writing in english omg¬¬)
thats all

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Re: Whitesmith Help!!!!! in pvp o woe mode.....
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This subject is near and dear to my heart, as I love playing a Whitesmith, but they don't see much action in WoE and PvP. Here's a link to a guide a wrote to playing this class, hopefully it well help answer some of your questions:

Posted on: Jan 10, 2008, 03:19 am
Nvm, I posted it in the "Guides" section of RMS so it's easy to find now. Agi affects CT greatly, just try the difference with 1 agi vs. 90 and you'll see exactly what I mean. WS needs decent vit, as you don't have the flee of a thief class, and you don't have the defense or HP of a swordsman class (although some new gear like Meteor Plate can help a bit with that). Icepick works for CT, but the drawback is that you can't use Adrenaline Rush, so you'll actually attack considerably slower than if you used an axe or mace. Hydra cards DO NOT work with CT, but Turtle General does, so if you're server gives you access to those, by all means get them. If you are having trouble killing certain classes, try bringing along a Guillotine. If you have a good attack speed, you can kill them pretty fast with Coma. A Heart Breaker axe is good for an agi/crit build, and alot less expensive than CT but you won't kill things as fast unless you have a hella fast aspd. If you just want ATK for CT, go with a Hurrican Fury over the Doom Slayer because the aspd drawback just isn't worth it. Anyway, hope that helps.

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Re: Whitesmith Help!!!!! in pvp o woe mode.....
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erm if i use +10 chain v 1 thanathos 2 zipper bear n the dmg will high den +10 chain v 3 zipper ber or ice pick????