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Author Topic: Question about incremental healing increase effect on potion pitcher  (Read 2254 times)

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Offline KupoK

On iro I am about to make a pure brewer and chef and have some gear on my FS AB that boosts healing effects, namely Chibi Pope and Puente robe which complete my incubus/succubus card set and I am curious if these will also affect the healing amount of potion pitcher similar to the diablos set? I am hoping to just play it as a support to avoid wasting any magic stones on a status reset post trans and this would help a ton if so. Hope this is the right forum to post this on,didn't see one specific to skills.


Offline Meta

RMS is not the best place to go for up to date iRO knowledge since it's focused on private servers. Try iROWiki's forums.

Offline Astraeos

I don't believe they will. If I remember correctly, White Lady Card doesn't increase CPP either, so I don't see why these items would either.