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Author Topic: Help Alchemist PVP Build!!!  (Read 6809 times)

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Offline edrian211

Help Alchemist PVP Build!!!
« on: Apr 29, 2014, 03:38 AM »
Hello guys...!!!


1. What alchemist build is good for PVP? Acid Terror or Plant type?

2A. If Acid Terror what stat shoud i put and does Acid Terror and Demonstration Dealt a good damage to kill someone in PVP?

2B. If Plant type what stat should i put?

My Server Is BalikRO... Its a classic RO Episode 9 ...99/50... no trans.. and sadly no Homunculus

Help Me guys!!! thanks Godbless!!!


Offline Zereges

Re: Help Alchemist PVP Build!!!
« Reply #1 on: Apr 29, 2014, 08:46 AM »
Alchemist (do not confuse with Creator) is not meant to be damage dealer in PVP (I suppose you mean WoE/GW). You are mainly support char, using Chemical Protections (armor/weapon) to protect against other Alchmists/Swordbreaker/Mailbreaker weapons. Also, you can use Acid Terror to destroy others' armors and weapons. Otherwise use Aid Potion (Potion Pitcher) to throw Blue/White potions on chars that could need it (Wizards, Crusaders). But thats pretty much everything you can do.

Skill Build I would use if I had to play Alchemist on WoE.
You mainly want lot of dex, vit to become immune to stun (97), but complete build is dependent on items, which are avaliable on your server.
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