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Author Topic: PvM Magic class build: strategy/equips/ Stats/skill for SL/ High Wiz/ Professor?  (Read 5820 times)

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Offline Leamee

Hey guys,

I finally maxed out my WS and I decided to make a new char but I don't know which magic class I should go for and how I should play said class. I'm playing on a midrate 70/70 and I have enough money to buy new equips for a couple of chars. I also have access to a ridiculous amount of Fruit Mix (dex+3).
My only focus is PvM - I know that a cobweb sage can solo Manuk Field but I think it all depends on how good a player is so I need some advice when it comes to equipment, strategy and stats.
I may make several magic characters so that's why I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me with Soul Linker, High Wizard and Professor. Please suggest builds (stats, equips), a skill tree, a good strategy (vertical firewall even if I've forgotten what it is, SW, etc) and leveling spots + good farming spots for the later levels.

SL: Played it before, it's a very forgiving class, you get resurrection and lots of dodge skills. IMO the easiest magic class to play, but not necessarily the best one at PvM though it can kill bigger monsters (but AK rather than Bradium Golem).
Mainly farmed GH and Kiel 1 with it.

HW: Haven't had much success with that one, I liked it though. Best played in a party, but since I want to find parties it may be a good option.

Professor: I watched a video on youtube that piqued my interest but I've never played it before. Lacks AoA skills, but has traps. Kind of like a cross between sniper and a magic class + has elemental scrolls.

My current equips:

I have raydric and bathory though raydric is in wool scarf which means that I'd have to equip a second raydric card on something else (but what?) for an SL. I already have a second one so that's not a problem.

I have matyr in storage, I can't really equip it on tidal shoes though as I don't know whether I'll go for SL or not and don't have a spare. That said Verit/ Sohee is better for SL I believe.

I also got several wands (evil bone wand, wand of occult, arc wand). I don't know which cards to equip on the arc wand, and I heard that +20% dmg cards don't work when it's equipped on a staff or wand. Is it true?

That's pretty much all I have right now.

Any suggestion guys?


Offline Gene

For a wizard with good gear(either good dex or casting reductions):

Mob, quag, SG lvl 1, LoV lvl 10.

Or with proper timing, cast SG lvl 10 while they're frozen.

I've been doing that on Nine Tails a lot, for OBBs, RJ and DB.

I really don't know about prof since I play them as full support.

If you want to bolt them I suggest getting imp cards and hit bradium golems.
(you won't be needing webs here, remember you have fire wall).

I don't know which cards to equip on the arc wand, and I heard that +20% dmg cards don't work when it's equipped on a staff or wand. Is it true?

Yes, +20% dmg cards don't work with magic based attacks, Magic Crasher is a different skill though.
Better put cards like laurel,hillwind and pitman
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Offline Leamee

Thanks for the suggestions. I like the SG 1 method - I've never used it before but I can see how it could help since SG cast time is soo slow. As for the cards you suggested, I guess it depends on which skill you want to use the most. I don't know which gears I could use for dex, and which places I could farm though.
Imp cards will be quite hard to get but I guess I can farm them with my WS since she has a fire armor. Imps also drop heart breaker which is a decent axe especially if overupped so I'll think about it.  :)