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Author Topic: Need A Good Prof Bolt Build  (Read 5808 times)

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Offline auron1991

Need A Good Prof Bolt Build
« on: Aug 06, 2010, 01:43 PM »
I playing a HR server which is lvl 255 and max stat 200

The server i play eq:
Headgear(upper,middle,lower) gt slot and it is my server custom item
Other equipment i need some suggestion like garment,headgear,wepaon etc...need to put wat card

Thk For hlping^^


Offline MtFujiInMyPants

Re: Need A Good Prof Bolt Build
« Reply #1 on: Aug 08, 2010, 10:37 PM »
Been a long time since I played a HR, but with stat & level caps like that you may want to try a battle hybrid focused on int with a linker slave. The advantage of a battle prof would be the ability to use dmg modifying cards on your books which could be significant on a server like yours.

I'd max out study for a higher book aspd and get a few principles of magic with different element dmg modifying cards (alternatively Ledger of Death is good for aspd, but I'm guessing the difference would be moot after a certain level). Also, good choices would be orlean gloves with siroma or imp cards. If you plan to WoE, make room for a total of 100 vit. Other than that, I'd focus on shoes/carded armors that boost either hp or sp (Diabolus Boots with Green Ferus is a good choice if you want more HP which will help your indulge).

If you're just looking for bolter gears, keep the orleans-siroma/imp combo ideas and get equips & cards that will boost your matk & hp/sp (sohee or verit diabolus boots, aliot in garment, agav in headgear). If available, a fallen bishop card would do wonders for you if you pvp or woe.

Just remember that you're playing high rate, you really don't need a "build". My philosophy for high rate is just have fun. Know the mechanics of the game and realize that the majority of cards and gears are made for the 1x/1x/1x servers. For high rate, only focus on the gears that give you % increases in things like matk & hp/sp and you should be fine.