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Author Topic: [Renewal] Mental Stick with no casting time reduction for Psychic Wave  (Read 405 times)

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Offline igormetaller

Hello guys, I am currently playing in a private server that doesn't apply the casting time reduction of 3 seconds for Psychic Wave (that totally mess up the build), and I used to play in a another server that applies "correctly" the time reduction. So I'd like to know from you guys that plays in official servers, another private servers and even in kRO, what is the correct effect of this item? I tested two times (in current server I'm playing), first  with no gears  and after only with mental stick, it was the same casting time.

Thank you so much guys.


Offline SukiChii

If I understood this correctly, it reduces the variable cast time of the skill by 3 seconds.
The cast time of this skill is like this:

Cast Time (in seconds)
Lv 1: 8
Lv 2: 9
Lv 3: 10
Lv 4: 11
Lv 5: 12

That means that Mental Stick takes away 3 seconds from those times.
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Offline igormetaller

I see. Something I'm not sure is there difference in stats between low rate server and mid rate servers or it's just about the drop and experience?

Offline Potatoes

Here's how it works in Renewal, the cast time for level 5 is:
12000 + 600 = 12600 (variable cast time + fixed cast time, in milliseconds).

Assuming you have 120 dex and 120 int (you probably have more), you'd get:
Variable cast time reduction: root((120 * 2 + 120) / 530) = 82.5%
12000 * (1 - 0.825) + 600 = 2100 + 600 = 2700, so 2.7 seconds.

Now if you wear your Mental Stick, you'd get:
Variable cast time reduction: root((120 * 2 + 120) / 530) = 82.5%
9000 * (1 - 0.825) + 600 = 1575 + 600 = 2175, so 2.2 seconds.

I hope this helps you understand how the variable cast time reduction work...!

Offline igormetaller

I understande now. Thank you guys :)