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WeDevGames - Classic
« on: Mar 12, 2018, 09:25 AM »
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Server Information
  • Server default experience rate will be X10.
  • Player will lost 2% of their experience every time they died.
  • Server drop rate is set to X5 except cards and mvp drops that will remain x1.
  • Each account has only 3 Character Slot.
  • Maximum attack speed will be 190.

  • Roulette System - A game system where you can be rewarded some cool items using roulette coin.
  • Achievement System - A system where player can complete in exchange for titles and rewards.

  • Daily Adventurer [ Daily Quest ] - A story quest that consist of 5 quest that can give you an experience and loyal points.
  • Monster Hunting [ Repeatable Quest ] - A quest where you required to kill monsters. You can only start accepting this quest if you reach level 11. NPC is located at payon town and it may give you exp and item as a reward. Note that your party member can also kill the monsters you need for the quest.

New Player Freebies
  • 1 x Baseball Cap - A costume random colored hat.
  • 1 x Base EXP Book - Receive an amount of base experience based on the character level.
  • 1 x Job EXP Book - Receive an amount of job experience based on the character level.
  • 1 x Beginner Quest Book - Contains a list of quest where you can receive zeny and item rewards via mail(RODEX).

Player Commands
  • @sp - Allow players to search a party inside and outside the map.
  • @regen - A command that will give you 200 HP and 30 SP regenerate in every seconds for 30 minutes. This command works only for newbie character with a level of 50 or below.
  • @commands - Display all commands available.
  • @rates - Display the server rates.
  • @time - Display the server current time.
  • @jailtime - Display the player jail time.
  • @showexp - Display the experience gained from the monster.
  • @autotrade - Allows you to vend item even you are offline.
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