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Author Topic: Total Ragnarok Re-Launch  (Read 1145 times)

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Offline Shilo

Total Ragnarok Re-Launch
« on: Jul 10, 2017, 06:40 AM »

Grand Re-Opening - 10th July 2017 - Join Our Community

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Hello Total Fans!

Upon server launch you will be able to obtain a FREE costume item within the FIRST 48 HOURS of launch!

The Total Cape will equip via your costumes tab as an garment, it has zero stats or effects. Its purely cosmetic!

Total Ragnarok is the latest free-to-play, pre-renewal server, which offers a wide variety of exciting changes to the realm of Midgard.

Our aim with Total Ragnarok is balance, fair gameplay, positive community, and active (but not excessive) events held automatically, by GMs, and even the community!

Our GMs are dedicated to helping the server grow and develop with a balance of events and activities so that players from all time-zones get a chance to participate.

With the latest and greatest anti-hack protection software installed to the server we can offer a clean and balanced game so that hackers and cheaters don't get the upper hand in battle. Botting and macro abuse is strictly prohibited and our GM team is always active, along with community reports, to eliminate any users breaking the rules.

Gather your friends and organize your parties as you experience Ragnarok Online for the first time again.

Server Features

  • Episode 13.2 - Encounter With the Unknown
  • Complete Pre-Renewal Mechanics. (No Third Classes)
  • No Customized Monsters, Classes and Skills.
  • God Items disabled.
  • Dual logging enabled.
  • Fully updated client with image icon buttons, working navigation & more.
  • Customized Lucky Roulette.

Server Rates

  • Base / Job Experience Rate: 10x ~ 20x floating
  • Quest Experience Rate: 10x
  • Normal Equipment Drop Rate: 5x ~ 10x floating
  • Usable / Misc. Drop Rate: 5x ~ 10x floating
  • Normal Card Drop Rate: 5x ~ 10x floating
  • MVP Equipment Drop Rate: 1x
  • MVP Card Drop Rate: 1x
  • Max Base Level: 99 (Transcendent Class)
  • Max Job Level: 70 (Transcendent Class) | 50 (Non-Transcendent Class)

Custom Features

  • Job Changer
  • Skill & Stat Reset. (Requires zeny, fee depends on the character's base level.)
  • Peco Peco, Falcon, Cart rentals NPC.
  • Customized Palettes, Hair Style, Hair Color. (Over 500 colors)
  • Healer & Buffer NPC.
  • Banking System.
  • Event Token System. (Players can exchange their tokens for valuable usables and rental equipment. Event Tokens are obtained from events.)
  • Headgear Quest NPC. (Tons of headgear quests available.)
  • Advanced Tool Dealer. (Tool Dealer sells all the essential items such as Gemstones, Potions, Flywing and etc.)
  • Card Remover NPC
  • PvP Arena with rewards.
  • Frequent Automated Events
  • Automated Random Giverways
  • Huge Shopping Malls
  • + Much More

Game Modifications

  • Guild Alliance is disabled.
  • Maximum Guild Members is changed to 25.
  • Maximum Party Members is changed to 15.
  • Level range for sharing within a party is increased to 15.
  • Rachel Sanctuary is opened and there's no need to raise 500m. Players just need to finish the quest.
  • Battleground KVM Gears disabled.
  • Reject Sword skill disabled on MvP maps.

Player Commands

  • @commands - Shows the list of commands available for you.
  • @rates - Shows the current rates of the server.
  • @uptime - Shows how long the server has been online without a reboot.
  • @showdelay - Shows skill delay failures.
  • @exp - Shows your current experience progress.
  • @iteminfo - Shows the information of an item.
  • @mobinfo - Shows the information of a monster.
  • @whodrops - Shows the list of monsters that drops the item you've searched.
  • @time - Shows the server current date and time.
  • @jailtime - Shows how long you have left in jail.
  • @hominfo - Shows your Homunculus Information.
  • @homstats - Shows your Homunculus Status.
  • @showexp - Enable / Disable show gained experience.
  • @showzeny - Enable / Disable show gained zeny.
  • @refresh - Refreshes your client.
  • @noask - Blocks all the whisper sent to you.
  • @noks - To activate Kill Steal Protection. (Doesn't work on MVPs)
  • @autoloot - Automatically picks the items dropped by the monster.
  • @alootid - Automatically picks specific item dropped by the monster.
  • @autoloottype - You can specify what items are you picking.
  • @autotrade - Let's you vend your items even you're offline.
  • @request - Get in contact with an online Game Master.
  • @go - Warp to a specific town.
  • @breakguild - Dismantle your guild.
  • @channel - Leave or join chat channels. (#main, #support, #trade etc)
  • @duel - Invites a player for a match.
  • @load - Warps your to your current save point.
  • @restock - Enables / Disables restock system.
  • @restock2 - Allowes you to manage your restock system.

You also get your self a free newbie starting pack with some more cool consumables.

We aim to reply to all and any questions you have but would like to apologize if we are unable to respond. Unlike most servers we want the input of the community on all major changes to the server allowing you to give us your feedback before we put anything in place in the future.

So join now and get ready to get your game on!   ;)