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Author Topic: Ragnarok Rises! 25x 25x 10x | New Layout! Take a look!  (Read 1484 times)

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Offline ToiletMaster

Greetings Everyone! Here's come a server that's never before seen by anybody, known as Ragnarok Rises! (Note that it's not Ragnarok Online Rises). Currently not many servers emphasized greatly on Storylines, therefore We'll be the first to truly emphasized on our storyline. This includes, Custom Maps designed specially for the story only! However you may wonder, What if I don't wanna play the storyline? No worries, as we've thought of our players as well, As currently this story will not affect your overall gameplay! Think of it as another optional quest that you can do! However, as you progressed through the story, you'll get more rewards which I think you wouldn't want to miss!

Also, this isn't your normal typical storyline. It's a storyline where the story progresses based on the decision you choose! If you choose to be the bad guy, you'll be really bad! If you choose to be the good guy, you'll be really great without any evil conscience! (I hope!) Well. That's all for the small introduction, Let's get to the server details shall we?

Here in Ragnarok Rises, We've designed custom maps just to cater to the storyline needs! If we feel that the RO maps aren't enough to show the real feelings of the story, we'll design it in a way to allow you to feel much more of the storyline itself! If you look closely towards the map, this is actually 2 different maps. 1 being perfect condition, while the other in ruins! How did it become like this, well, you gotta try out the prologue that's located in Ragnarok Rises!

Donations are one of the main asset of the game. A lot of server emphasized on no overpowered donations, however how true could that be? Even with a 10% difference in equipment, that would still be considered as overpowered wouldn't it? Therefore, all donations items in the item mall will not exceed the current equipment that you can locate in the game. Example if you have a knife that has 20 attack. A donation item called super duper imbalance knife of doom will also have 20 Attack. Now this is what I call a truly non-overpowered donation.

Aside from that, we're featuring an item mall that sells most default items in RO itself! Therefore no hustle and bustle going through each city to look for daggers! It's all there! Items that can't be hunted will not be placed inside. Therefore, creating a market for merchants to sell their equipments in! Also, prior to our launch, we will not place in any donation items for the first 6 months! This shows our dedication in not being just another server to earn money. We're here to stay and create a community.

What do we mean by traditional gameplay? Being a low-mid rate server. We do not want to spoil the current game mechanics, therefore no MVP Rooms, Gold Rooms that will highly change the economy will be placed in. For MVP Hunting, it's based on a first come first serve basis. Therefore, you gotta make your move fast! Before somebody else gets it! Partying also provides great benefits!

Aside from that, we also feature the Race of The Day! This allows people to hunt specific monsters to gain more experience in! So hunting won't be too tough I'd say!

Now for the last bit of the game would be the epic storyline that we've placed in. All handwritten by scratch, we feature a storyline never before seen where decisions you make in the game, WILL affect your overall quest. Therefore, each time you perform the quests, you may be in a different scenario instead of the usual ones. Discover all of them in Ragnarok Rises! We'll be waiting to see what do you have to say for our story!

Did i mention that we also feature a race script changer that changes your race? You will have different looks upon becoming a demon/angel side. Choose wisely! The changes are permanent!

Base EXP Rates : 25x
Job EXP Rates : 25x
Drop Rates : 10x
Normal Card Rates : 0.25%
Boss Card Rates : 0.1%
Server Hosted : Asia
Server Engine : Hercules
Maximum level : 150
Mode : Renewal with a mix of Pre-Re Features

      commands: Displays current available commands
      time: Displays current server time
      jailtime: Displays current jail time
      hominfo: Displays homunculus information
      autoloot: Auto loots all items on a floor or on a fixed %
      alootid: Auto loots specific items based on the ID
      version: Checks the current version
      help: Displays help information
      request: Sends a message directly to an online GM.
      rates: Displays the server rates.
      whodrops: Displays who drops the item you've typed.
      mobinfo: Displays monster information
      iteminfo: Displays Item information.
      autotrade: Allows Auto Vending Upon logging out.
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If I'm able to convince you that much, do head to our website and take a look!

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