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Author Topic: OriginRO - Low Rate 5/5/5 ~ 12/12/5, Episode 11.3 - Opened on the 21.9.17  (Read 448 times)

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Offline OriginRo

Hey Everbody!!

OriginRo is a Classic, Old School Ragnarok Online Server
Episode 11.3 - Thor Dungeon, Cursed Abby (No Expanded Classes - Taekwon, Gunslinger, Soul Linker Etc...)
Low Rate - 5/5/5 Weekdays, Weekend rates 8/8/5, Uniqe NPC - EXP Investor - 12/12/5 Rates
25% Bonus Exp Per Player on an Even Share Party
Uniqe Hunting Quests System - 4 levels of difficulties, each level with her own rewards!

Fresh Server - Grand Opening on the 21.9.17

More Mobs, More Equips, and the same good old game mechanics !!
Classic Skins
War of Emperium 1.0 !!
Join us now and enjoy the nostalgy!

Server website: www.OriginRo.com

Server Forums www.OriginRo.com/Forums

Facebook Page - www.facebook.com/RagnarokOnlineOriginRO/

Discord Channel - www.OriginRo.com/discord

Download link: www.OriginRo.com/Download.php

Registeration link: www.OriginRo.com/cp/?module=account&action=create

Server Information:
•Pre-Renewal 99/50 2nd job, 99/70 Trans
•Current Episode: 11.3 - Thor Dungeon, Cursed Abby
•Max Base Level : 99
•Max Job Level : 50 2nd job, 70 Trans
•Max Stats: 99
•Guild Capacity: 76/76
•Hunting Quest System - 4 different difficulties levels
•Uniqe Exp Npc - Increase rates to 12/12/5
•Classic Skill Mechanics
•Classic Job Changer
•Enabled MVP and Mini Boss Card
•Current Available Jobs: 2-1, 2-2 class, Trans(Rebirth) - NO TEAKWON, STAR GLADIATOR, SOUL-LINKER, NINJA, GUNSLINGER

Server Features
•On respawn, 0% of Max HP/SP will be restored.
•25% Bonus Exp Per Player on an Even Share Party
•Hourly Points Reward System - can be used for HP/SP Potions.
•Vote For Points Reward System - can be used for Field Manual & Bubble Gum.
•Donation System
•War Of Emperium - Will take place once server reach 3 active guilds.
•Custom PvP Warper/Arena
•Costum Dungen - The Forbidden Realm - Gefenia
•Auto Trade Available
•No Dual Client
•Classic Old School Ragnarok Online Skins

Server Rates
•Base: 5x
•Job: 5x
•Normal Drops: 5x
•Cards: 5x
•MVP: 5x

•Base: 8x
•Job: 8x
•Normal Drops: 5x
•Cards: 5x
•MVP: 5x

•100 Novice Potions
•30 Fly Wings
•10 ButterFly Wings
•5,000 Zeny

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