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Ordinal Ragnarok Online
« on: Sep 19, 2017, 09:23 PM »

Ordinal Ragnarok Online

Ordinal Ragnarok Online is a low rate based server with the rates of 20x/20x/5x. Our intention is to create a community where players could socialise, get together to form parties, guilds to fight MVPs or even against each other during PVP or War of Emperium. Our servers are based in Singapore, which MOST players would find it really smooth to play in with no issues and complaints of lags.

Our Rates, Information

    Rates: 15x Base/ 15x Job/ 10x Drop Rate
    Normal Card: 0.5%
    MVP Cards: 0.5%
    Variety of Costumes
    Max Level: 99 / 70
    Max ASPD : 190
    Max Stats: 99
    Client Version: September 2017

NPCs available

-Job Changer
- Warper
- Stats and Skills Resetter
- Stylist
- Universal Rental
- Vote for Points NPC
- Quest NPCs
- PVP Warper
- Vending Room Warper
- Card Remover
- Settings NPC[Toggle On/Off for Channels,Autoloot,Noks..etc]

Server Features

- Daily Rewards Calender
- New Party User Interface
- Updated Cash Shop
- Bronze Coins, Luxury Coins & Ordinal Coins Currency System
- Cash Points to Costume Feature
- Party Share has a 30 level threshold
- Daily QuestBoard
- Monster of the Day [Luxury Coins]
- Trans-class Job Advancement
- Building Labels & Custom Prontera/Prt_in for Comfort Gameplay
- Channel System - #main,#trade,#support

Commands Available

- @commands
- @mobinfo
- @whodrops
- @whereis
- @rates
- @request
- @dailyreward

Several Server Pictures for reference