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Author Topic: Odin (10x/10x/5x)  (Read 660 times)

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Odin (10x/10x/5x)
« on: May 20, 2018, 01:21 PM »
Hey guys,

Odin is a pre-renewal low rate Ragnarok Online server. Featuring 10 times the experience of the official servers, and 5 times the drop rates.

We currently have a low population, friendly community where you can party together and just enjoy the game.4
As of May 24th I implemented a daily reward system which gives out Kafra / Free Cash points, which are spendable in the in-game Cash shop.

The features we currently have are:
  • Telma, the Warp Agent
  • Sia, the Stat & Skill resetter
  • Rogier, the Login Settings manager
  • Healer

We try to make every change as balanced as possible.

We currently have a Discord channel, a basic Control Panel and an active admin and GM to provide support to the players.

The link to the Odin website is https://playodin.net/. To create an account you can use this link https://playodin.net/account/create/.
We've got a full and a lite download, preferred is the full download. the server is hosted in Amsterdam, Europe.

If you have any questions regarding the server, this post, or anything else I can help you with, mail me at [email protected]

I hope to see you in Odin,



As demand increases we add more people to our team, however I do not need any mails regarding applications to join the GM team, unless otherwise specified on the Odin website.

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