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Author Topic: Midgard Ragnarok Online - OBT Started on August 04, 2018  (Read 1319 times)

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Offline iamsangkay

Currently in Open Beta Testing Phase (OBT Start Date: August 04, 2018) /omg

Midgard Ragnarok is a low-rate 5x-5x-3x (Weekdays) and 10x-10x-3x (Weekends) server. It's a full renewal system (Cast, Drops, EXP, & ASPD).
It fully utilize Kafra Services means there are no commands such as @go, @warp, @storage and etc. Walk and warp using Tickets & Zeny!
We are a quest-oriented server even in changing jobs! We don't have job changer and platinum skill.
We aim to emulate real ragnarok experience. If you want to start anew on your Ragnarok Adventure! Try us!

Other information read below in bullet format.

Server Information
  • Episode Content:
    • Banquet of Heroes
    • Rock Ridge
    • Fantasmagorica
    • Decisive Battle
    • and later episode
  • Client: 2018 kRO Client
    • RODeX, Attendance, Achievement, Private Airship & Equipment Replacement (Soon)
  • Commands:
    • rates
    • ii - Item Information
    • mi - Mob Information
    • whereis - Mob Location Information
    • whodrops - Mob Drops Information
    • request - Message to GM
    • refresh - Refresh Client
  • Non-Player Characters:
    • Official Job Quests
    • Card Remover
    • Limited Reset Master - Maximum of 5
    • Stylist - Trading Card/Actinidia Cat Fruit Based
    • NO Healer, Warper, Job Changer, Platinum Skills

Come join us! Warning though those who expect that we have a Warper! If you have read above, we don't have it!  /heh
Start anew! ROK On!

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