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Memorial Ragnarok Online
« on: Apr 02, 2017, 09:08 AM »

Missing those days back on Ragnarok Online? Here in Memorial RO, we try to bring back those wonderfull moment and being as close as an official server in terms of nearly everything. Our server has the purpose to look as much as possible like the official servers, in their Pre-Renewal state, and we don't have the unbalancing custom items and NPCs that you can find in most private servers. Come join us and embark your journey with your friend just like those old days.


★ Extreme DDOS Protection

★ 99/70 Transcendent Class

★ Pre-renewal Server

★ Free to Play

★ Rates: 1x EXP / 1x JOB

★ Drop: 1x Item Drop

★ Job Change Quest

★ Golden Thief Bug Card Not Dropped

★ Teleport skill consume 500sp

★ Wing of fly and Butterfly wing removed from shop

★ Low-Rate Classic Server

Memorial RO Website

Memorial RO Community
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