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Author Topic: iPlay Ragnarok Online 25x 25x 5x  (Read 1330 times)

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iPlay Ragnarok Online 25x 25x 5x
« on: May 25, 2018, 12:00 PM »
iPlay Ragnarok Online

Come and Join us here in iPlay Ragnarok Online! 1220+ on our 1st day!
Mobile Ready!

Website: http://www.iplay-ro.com
Forums: http://www.iplay-forum.com
Tutorial on how to download and install: http://iplay-forum.com/index.php?/forum/29-troubleshoot-tutorials-and-guides/

Play RO Information (Opening on May 24, 2018)
99/70 Upto Transcendent Class
Rates: 25x/25x/5x~30x/30x/5x(Weekends)
Card rate: 8x
No Boss Cards
Mini-Boss Disabled Cards
[Deviling card, Angeling card, Archangeling card, and Ghostring card)
Boss Rates: 1x
Guild Capacity: 36/36

PVP mode on all MVP Maps (Automatic Turn-off if MVP is dead)
Ragnarok On Mobile (Optimized in Android Platform)
(Play Anytime, Anywhere)
Protected by GEPARD SHIELD (3.0) (Max Update of Gepard Shield)
(Latest Source Code)
Server location: Los Angeles Optimized for Asian Country
Full Anti-DDOS Protection Server
Dual Client Only Available
No Autotrader

Episode 12: Destruction of Morroc

Other Highlights:
Hourly System
Quest System
Scroll System
MVP Token System
@security (Safe Encryption System)
@lgp (Lite Graphics Plugin)


Security Command:
@security makes your account to be more secure and to avoid getting hack, make sure you secure your account by typing @security. Create your own numerical password and set up your restrictions thru the settings.

When Security code is enabled, you can do following settings as a security step.

Can't Drop Item
Can't Receive Trade Request
Can't Send Trade request
Can't Open Guild Storage
Can't Sell Items
Can't Buy Items
Can't Send Guild Invite
Can't Receive Guild Invite
Can't Leave Guild

LGP Command:
Lite Graphics Plugin (LGP) is a client-built in plugin, which allows its user to display cells with customizable colored shades.
These shades mark different Area of Effect skills (AoE) as well as cell range from the user in the circle or in a square.
LGP is not part of the effects, therefore it can be used with /effects turned off.
LGP can be customized by using this commands:
@circle <on/off> - Enable/Disables the display of colored shape in the shape of 1-cell circle around the user.
@square <on/off/1-14> - Enables/Disables the display of colored shades in the shape of the square size you desire.
@shake <on/off> - Enable/Disable the shaking effect of your screen due to AoE skills

MVP Token System:
Every MVP will have a 50% chance to drop 1 MVP Tier tokens.
Every MVP drop different kind of token. The Harder the mvp is, The higher Tier Token it might drop.

PVP mode on all MVP Maps (Automatic Turn-off if MVP is dead)

Quest Shop NPC

Hourly Shop NPC

Daily Shop NPC


F.A.Q.: http://iplay-forum.com/index.php?/topic/8-frequently-asked-questions/