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Author Topic: GGamerz RO | Rates 10x/10x/3x | Pre-Renewal | Bottable Server  (Read 864 times)

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Offline smallvill3

No free time for leveling?
Always getting banned on others server?
Server are protected with shield?

You came to the right place!
Join our newly server, the one and only Server that allows Openkore.

GGamerz Ragnarok Online
Exp rate: 10x
Drop rate: 3x
Pre-Renewal server
Botting allowed.

95% Official RO settings
Free costume item for newbies.
Kafra Warper with quest unlocked
No Healer
No MVP warper
No Stat/Skill reset
No Universal Job changer

Show us your Botting Skills!
We also provide botting setup, guide and technical support!
Visit our website now.

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Download List:
Full GGamerz RO Client (2.12GB):
Lite Client (135MB):
GGamerz Openkore (43MB):
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