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Author Topic: EvolveRO - [10x/10x/10x] | Pre-Renewal | Launched as of 19/04/2013!  (Read 4291 times)

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Offline AncientB

« eRO began with a simple premise, the ideal that our players deserve the best quality, support and community possible.
With exclusive features found nowhere else, we are committed to bringing you the finest gaming experience a RO server has to offer, plus unmatched development, experienced concepts and a newfound transparency, we invite you to be part of a solid journey, perhaps your last stop, don't waste your precious time anymore and enter. »

« eRO has a few customizations, our goal is to not diminish the original game content.
Therefore we respect it, and will only make modifications that keep the actual game integrity intact.»

« ¤ Official Server Information ¤ »
¤ rAthena Platform, ¤ Episode 13.3 - El Dicastes.
¤ 10x/10x/10x Rates, ¤ Maximum Level: 99/70.
¤ Regular War Of Emperium, ¤ War Of Emperium 2.0.
¤ Official Player Mounts, ¤ No Third Classes.
¤ Multiple Levels Enabled, ¤ Official Mercenaries.
¤ Partying Bonuses, ¤ Endless Tower.
¤ Sealed Shrine,¤ Orc Instance.
¤ Quest Log.
« Developed Server Features »
Friday Night PvP Event (With Rewards), Tweaked The Original Novice Grounds.
Extended & Detailed Ranking System, Regular Updates & Maintenance.
Advanced Battleground (2.0) System, Unique Quest Board System.
Account Security System, Automatic Restock System.
Token Reward System, Achievements System.
Monsters Of The Week, Maps Of The Week.
Same Sex Marriage, Unique Hat Quests.
One Click System.

Take heed, this list is not comprehensive and content is subject to change at any given time with the consideration of our community.

eRO Staff.
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