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Author Topic: epicRO Rebirth - [LR 3-5x floating exp rates, 3x drop, 1x mvp] - On since 2008  (Read 928 times)

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Offline epicRO_v4

Welcome to a Ragnarok Server free of pay2win with the good old stable and balanced feeling of Pre-Renewal.
We are running on NPCs who appears in Episode 13.2 with custom changes and security updates and fixes until today.

We are glad to offer you a 24/7 stable server with high performance and a full ddos and injection protection.
Location of the server is in EU / France. Gamemasters are german guys and girls with the will to improve our own
english skills.

We are online since 2008 (started on eA until 2012 with 2 wipes. Some hackers attacks and some big mistakes of the
leading team. 2012 until 2016 no wipe. A whole gameplay but with a lot of pay2win content. On April 2017 we've started
our new Version called "epicRO Rebirth" without any single-player-pay2win-content. You can donate us and receive
some cashpoints for the ingame cashshop. There you'll find some style-only equipments. No + stats, + boni, nothing.

Just join us today and tell our Novice Manager Sylvie the following code: "RMS2412" You'll receive instant our starter
pack and some good boni to start and make a whole overview about our server and its content.

We are looking forward to see you ingame and become a part of the epicRO Community.

Homepage: https://epicro.de/rebirth/index.php?rms=1
Ratemyserver: http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=detailedlistserver&serid=19879

Used herc.ws content:

- plugin "whosell" (to make you search the vending stores)
- plugin "fixedaspd" (for custom events [belongs to fairness])
- plugin "noitem" (for custom events like Novice PvP)
- plugin "hBG" (for a great feeling in Battleground with Consumable Items, active 2-chars-check)
- plugin "VisibleMonstersHP" (to see every monsters HP if its in range)
- plugin "costumeitem" for Cashshop Items and Costume Creator NPC
- plugin "auraset" for Cashshop and WoE / Event Rewards
- plugin "mobs" to see what mobs are on the entire map
- plugin "movespeed (for custom events [belongs to fairness])
- plugin "market" to leave a market clone of your char back to make advertisements
- plugin "arealoot" to make you pick up 4x4 cells items on the ground (no autoloot)
- own plugin "rodex-bank-npc" to prevent players from using rodex and bank while acting

Usable commands for players

@auraset   Disable, enable and changes aura of you.
@autotrade   Your vending merchant will stay logged and the client is closing
@arealoot   Picking up items on 4x4 cell (auto-enabled), disable with @settings
@autoloot   Only @autoloot 1 (auto enabled) (disable with @settings)
@buy   Opens the Tool Dealer with 100% price rise
@cashshop   Opens the cashshop (no pay 2 win content)
@changegm {charname}   Changes the guild leader of your guild
@commands   Shows you all useable @commands
@eventinfo   Shows you autostart event informations
@exp   Shows you your current exp points
@findgm   Part of our 'Find Gamemaster Event'
@guildstoragepw   Change, setup and display guild storage password
@help   Shows you the global server help
@hominfo   Opens detailed information about your homunculus
@homstats   Shows you the current stats of your homunculus
@iteminfo {item_id | item_name}   Shows you global information about an item
@jailtime   Shows you the left jail-time of your character
@market "title" "info text"   Leaves a clone with chat window. You can play after clone appears.
@marketkill   Kills the market clone. (Same effect as relog)
@mobinfo {mob_id | mob_name}   Shows you global information about a mob
@mobs   Displays current mobs / mvps of the map
@rates   Displays the current rates in your chat
@refresh   Synchronises your client with the server
@request   Opens the request system (currently unavailable)
@settings   Toggles epicRO specific settings
@shoexp   Shows you your received experience points
@showdelay   Activates skill-fail-messages of delayed skills
@showzeny   Shows your received zeny in your chat
@time   Displays the current server time (Germany/Berlin)
@uptime   Shows you the uptime of the system
@whereis {mob_id | mob_name}   Display spawn locations of mobs
@whodrops   Shows you the mob that drops the item you've looked for
@whosell   Let you serch for items in the vending shops and shows your the location

Server Settings
Global / Floating Rates:   3x ~ 5x Base | 3x ~ 5x Job | 3x Quest | 3x Item | 3x Card

Base and job exp are based on total votes.
Boss Rates:   3x Base | 3x Job | 3x Item | 1x Card
MVP Extra Drop Rate:   1x Item | 1x Card
AddDrop Rate:   1x (Normal State)
Unique Item ID's:   activated
Episode:   13.2

Pre Renewal

Serversoftware:   Hercules (Current Git)
Client Version:   2015-05-13aRagexe
Language settings   NPC and client in english
Protection   Gepard Protection
(no 0delay, no Bots, no changes at the client, Unique ID transfer)

Mobcount:   100%
Monster Respawn:   Normal
Monster Hitlock:   Normal

Party Share:   up to 15 level difference
Max. Party Member:   24 Member

Death Penality:   1% of the reached base exp
Max ASPD   190
Vending-Tax:   2%
@autotrade Savetime:   Even after server-restart vending chars will stand logged in
Max Zeny   2.147.483.647
Restart and Backup:   Keep in mind the news and changelogs in our board.

2017-03-04 - 06'15 pm:   Start of alpha. Serversettings rated with community
2017-03-11 - 07'19 pm:   Server-Wipe and start of the beta phase
2017-03-25 - 08'00 am:   Beta end on 25th of march '17. No more wipe needed.

WoE 1.0 active. Times: UTC +1
Wednesday and Sunday - 8 p.m. - 9 p.m.