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Author Topic: Eminence Ragnarok Online - Renewal SEA Server, 25x/25x/10x  (Read 1032 times)

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Hello everyone! Today, I'm proud to present Eminence Ragnarok Online to everyone! We are a brand new renewal low rate server that's located in the South East Asia region. We have tested various different types of providers and went with the best one that we believe provides the best stability and latency to players all around the world that's located in Singapore! Eminence Ragnarok Online is a private server which we highly emphasize on a non-p2w environment while taking the best of what Ragnarok Online has to offer and pushing it to the limit.

We are currently implementing most if not all cash items from official RO into forms of zeny or other various methods of obtaining these items. This game has been tested for the past few months, we've done major upgrades from one and another and we finally felt that it was time that we brought it to public with the help of various members from the beta. We are starting from scratch, therefore everyone is equal regardless of whether they are a beta tester or not. Additionally, for the launch, we are also giving away some starter items for everyone that joins the server! So if you'd like to reap the benefits, do come and give us a try! This server is meant for the players, by the players. We appreciate any form of feedback as well therefore, if you have any suggestions you'd like to make. Feel free to reach out to us!

    General Information
    Rates: 25x Base/ 25x Job/ 10x Drop Rate
    Normal Card: 0.1%
    MVP Cards: 0.01%
    Renewal Drop Penalty Disabled
    No custom equipments
    No custom wings* (default RO wings such as fallen angel wing still remains)
    Max Level: 175 / 60
    Max ASPD : 193
    Max Stats: 130 (3rd Jobs including kagerou/oboro)
    Client Version: 2017

Utility NPCs

    Job Changer
    Reset NPC
    Global Channel (Whisper to #global, #support)
    Alternative 3rd Job Sprites Available!
    Gradual Healer
    Dungeon / Instance Warper
    Skills and Status Points Reset
    Card Remover
    Card Exchanger (Exchange your unwanted cards for a random card album!)
    Platinum Skills NPC
    And many more!

Commands Available

    (additional @commands may be implemented in the future)

We believe that donations that offer godly equipments and materials not-obtainable in game breaks the foundation of having a balanced server. Therefore, we would like to announce that the donation shop will only have cosmetic items inside the cash shop. All items sold in the donation shop would not give any form of advantage to the player in terms of equipment. As part of opening the server and to show our dedication that the server will not have any form P2W aspects, we will not accept form of donations within these 2 months of the opening to show the players that we are dedicated in making a great server for everyone to enjoy.

in Eminence RO, we believe events are a core part of the game. We have 2 types of events, GM events followed by automated events. To start off with the automated events, we believe in giving rewards that are beneficial to the players. Therefore, all automated events will give you unique items that you can get, such as coins for purchasing costumes, field manuals, job manuals, and many more hidden items in these automated events!

For GM Events, we also have plans to give players an exciting experience, one of the most anticipated events that we wish to perform for everyone is the Amazing Race event where it features multiple obstacle courses for everyone to complete to obtain the prize!

Being in a low rate server, it is sometimes difficult to know where to grind. While there are quests that may be able to help such as the Eden Board, we have developed a special NPC to help players to level up known as the Monster Quest. This NPC will provide you various monsters (up to 200 different mobs) that is currently based on your level. Thinking about exploring midgard? Then why not level up while exploring it? The options changes every day so you won't get bored of seeing the same monsters everyday! You can start doing it up from level 50 on-wards to level 150+! This allow classes to party up efficiently and have a better experience at grinding!

Aside from the official instances that we have in the game, one of the special customs that makes the server unique is having a dynamic end-game instance. We call this... "Gamancrad", An instance that evolves over time. This instance starts off with 5 floors initially having a major boss battle at the 5th level. Each level will have different challenges that may change depending on the day or depending on the mistakes you've made in the floor itself. For every party that manages to complete the first 5th floor, their names will be forever embedded in the leader-boards for all to see. The instance has a cool-down period of 2 days, however this will not be available on launch directly. We hope that this will influence you to give us a try!

If you're still interested in our launch event, feel free to click https://play-ero.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1-eminence-goes-live-on-9th-september/ to see what will be obtained upon starting!
Additional Details
Website: https://play-ero.com
Forum: https://play-ero.com/forum/
Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/pZxXnsj
Client Download: https://play-ero.com/?module=pages&action=content&path=download
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