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Author Topic: Elysian RO | 10x/10x/50% | EP16 Renewal | PUBG Arena | Geneticall Infused Skills  (Read 166 times)

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Offline jericpo

Join us later (7PM - GMT+8) at Elysian RO's official opening! (April 16, 2018)

Elysian RO is a low-rate private server that offers you with the official gaming vibe - with a unique twist. Our exclusive features will surely captivate you without taking away the authentic Ragnarok Online experience.

Try our PUBG style Battle Royale game! http://elysianro.com/pubg

Tired of you job class? Instead of switch to a different one, why not Genetically Infuse Skills on your skill tree!? http://elysianro.com/gis

Website > http://elysianro.com
Forum > http://elysianro.com/forum
Download > http://elysianro.com/download
Facebook > http://facebook.com/elysianragnarokonline