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Author Topic: Elysian RO | 10x/10x/8x | PUBG Battle Royale| Genetically Infused Skills | EP16  (Read 960 times)

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Offline jericpo

Join us now at Elysian RO! (Opened April 16, 2018)

Elysian RO is a low-rate private server that offers you with the official gaming vibe - with a unique twist. Our exclusive features will surely captivate you without taking away the authentic Ragnarok Online experience.

Try our PUBG style Battle Royale game! http://elysianro.com/pubg

Tired of you job class? Instead of switching to a different one, why not Genetically Infuse Skills on your skill tree!? http://elysianro.com/gis

Guild Package > www.elysianro.com/gpack
Website > http://elysianro.com
Forum > http://elysianro.com/forum
Download > http://elysianro.com/download
Facebook > http://facebook.com/elysianragnarokonline
Discord > http://elysianro.com/discord

x10~15 Exp Floating Rates
8x/6x/15x Floating Drop Rates
Episode 16 Renewal with Doram Class
Max Lvl 175, Aspd 193
PUBG Battle Royale Game
Genetically Infused Skills System
Rotating WoE Castles
Costume Maker
No Pay2Win equipments
No overpowered items
Tons of official & custom dungeons

- Flying Angel Costume
- Archangel Wings Costume
- UPG Set (Formal Suit, Shoes, Muffler, Guard, 2x Clip)
- 7 Days VIP status
- Field Manuals
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