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Author Topic: DivinationRO - Unique, Custom, Pre-renewal  (Read 648 times)

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DivinationRO - Unique, Custom, Pre-renewal
« on: May 20, 2018, 09:19 PM »

This server has amazing modifications. With its amazing content and original game play experience, DivinationRO brings your expectations and experiences to new heights. We offer a breathtaking experience.

Max Level: 99
Job Level: 70
Max Stats: 99
Max ASPD: 193
Rates: 8x/8x/8x

Server Features:

Pokemon Pet Integration System: Aid and Support of Players
Costume Headgears: Choose your own unique look with over 2000+ Headgears to choose from
Speed Mount System
No Party Share Restriction
Job Suits: Pick any Class Suit you want, Baby Job/3rd job suits included!
Auto Attack Feature
Universal Tame Item: Pokeball
Extended Vending System
All in One NPC: Last Warp, Favourites, Skill Buyer, Storage, Auction, etc.
Dota PVP Effects
Easy Event Warper
Easy Quest Warper
Auto Equipment Changing Command
50+ Hairstyles
500+ Dyes


War Of Emperium/King Of Emperium
Daily Item/Hunt Quests
Customized and Unique Safari Zone System For catching Pokemon
Patrol Guard
Catch Team Rocket
Guess the Number
Poring Punch
Last Man Standing
Disguise Event: Just shout out the answer!
Run For Your Life
Treasure Box Summoner


Daily Quests
Legendary Quests
A~Z Headgear Quest
Cedi Card System