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Celestia Ragnarok Online
« on: Jun 12, 2017, 09:35 PM »


Technology never ceases to amaze us with its continuous evolution, as so Ragnarok Online. Like all other MMORPG, Ragnarok has made a lot of improvements, mostly on its context. Two major changes are; the introduction of 3rd classes and the reconstruction of the game's mechanic, which has been introduced as Renewal. With that said, our company's mission is ''to make a difference'', and we decided to keep Celestia Ragnarok's game mechanic as Pre-Renewal, with up-to-date items while focusing more on the classic content. Also adding custom features that provides smooth, balanced gameplay and economy so you can enjoy playing the game to its full potential while keeping that exciting classic Ragnarok experience!

Website: http://www.celestiaragnarok.com
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/celestiaragnarokserver
Facebook Group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/celestiaragnarokserver

Dedicated Server (US based)
Intel� Xeon� E3-1246 v3 @ 3.9GHz Turbo 4C/8T
1000mbit line

Base & Job 12x
Normal Cards 4x
Usable, Equips & ETC MODIFIED
Boss Usable, Equips & ETC 1x

Episode 10.4 Hugel
Mechanics Pre-Renewal
Max Lv Transcendent 99/70 | Extended 99/50
Max Stats 99
Max ASPD 190
Insta-cast 150 DEX
Party Gap 15 levels
Starting/Max Guild Capacity 16/36

Party of 5 and above will receive +20% EXP bonus
All MVP card disabled
Mini-boss cards disabled
God Items/Equips disabled
Disabled @autotrade
Disabled mailing system
Disabled banking system
PK enabled MVP areas
Disabled use of deadbranch in selected farming/grinding spots
Nerfed drop rate in certain farming areas for balanced & smooth economy

Gepard Shield 2.0 enabled
Advanced Level DDoS Protection
Disabled multiple clients
Disabled botting & third party programs

Guild of the Month/Agit Lords, will receive a guild package (TBD).
MVP Reward System, obtain Celestia Badge per MVP kill.
Celestia Point System, obtainable via Hourly Point System & Vote 4 Points System.
Hourly Point System, player to gain 10 Celestia Points per hour (when logged in).
Celestia Badge System, obtainable from killing MVPs and finishing quests from our Mission General.
Celestia Coin is our custom proof of donation.
Precious Stone, present this to Gandalf and he will grant your request.
Magical Coupon, present this coupon to Elendir and he will assist you to your needs regarding appearance customization.
Automated Events, Poring Catcher | Find the Mushroom | Last Man Standing | Poring Bomb | Dungeon Siege.
Balanced Economy, designated GM team to monitor the economy.
Ragnar, offers variety of items that are available via Celestia Points & Badges.
Claire, care-taker of Celestia Coins for donators of Celestia.
Bergrand, controls the additional EXP from selected monster race of the day.
Maximus, provides Celestia Badge depending on the finished quest.
Grant, safekeeper of GM event rewards
Meredith, converts Celestia Coins to Cash Points and VICE-VERSA.
Yukata, creates Yggdrasil berries, seeds & Poison bottle into boxes.
Kira, trades useless card for Card Points and offers set of items available via Card Points as well.
Celestine, our dearest one will be responsible of providing starter freebies for Celestia players!
Celeste, will be responsible for giving away weekly freebies. Announcements will be made if she is to visit Prontera.
Starter Freebies, given to new adventurers of Celestia. Contains the following:
- 1x Random Costume Freebie Box
- 500x Novice Potion
- 15x Elite Siege Box
- 10x Field Manual
- 10x Job Manual
- 100x Novice Fly Wing
- 30x Novice Butterfly Wing
- 30x Lv10 Inc. Agility Scroll
- 30x Lv10 Blessing Scroll
- 5x Token of Siegfried
- 1x Premium Reset Stone
- 10x Magnifier
- 30x Free Ticket Kafra Storage
- 50x Free Ticket Kafra Transportation

Succeeding characters will then have:
- 250x Novice Potion
- 50x Novice Fly Wing
- 15x Novice Butterfly Wing
- 15x Free Ticket Kafra Storage
- 25x Free Ticket Kafra Transportation

Adv. Stylist Elendir
Reset Wizard Gandalf
PVP Warper Stanislas
Celestia Room Warper Seraphim

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