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Author Topic: Ifrit Ragnarok Online Pre-Renewal Trans Server  (Read 967 times)

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Ifrit Ragnarok Online Pre-Renewal Trans Server
« on: Nov 29, 2017, 10:45 AM »
Join us here in ifrit ragnarok just visit our website at www.ifritragnarok.com
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Ifrit Ragnarok Online Information (Opening on December 02, 2017)
Pre-Renewal Pure Classic Server!!! (NO BOSS Cards! Disabled Mini Boss Cards: Archangeling, Angeling, Ghostring, and Deviling Card)
Upto 99/70 transcendent class only
Guild Capacity 36/36 Server Rates: 12x/12x/4x - 15x/15x/5(During Exp Boost Time)
Base and Job level = 15-18x
Normal Cards = 4x
Normal equips = 4-5x
Normal Etc and Usable = 4-5x
Boss cards = (DISABLED)
Boss equips, etc, and usable = 1x
Server location: Los Angeles Optimized for Asian Country
Maximum DDOS Protection 99.99% uptime Guarantee
Server Protection: Gepard Shield ( No WPE HACKS and Bots )
Server Features:
No Autotrade
No Dual Client
No Mail System

Some Changes:
Nerfed Drops:
Mavka: Remain item normal drop rates
Sleeper: Remain item normal drop rates
Valkyrie: Reduced item droprates
Satan morocc: Reduced item droprates
Beelzebub: Reduced item droprates
Mi-gao: Became non-movable monster and non-attacker.

You may only use your deadbranch on field maps (Some levelling Areas are disabled for Dead branch use.)

Game Settings:   Free to Play
Server Episode:   Episode 12: Nightmare of Midgard, Destruction of Morocc


This will be our free Costume Headgear on our opening day on December 2! See yah!

Here are the MVP Hard Challenges that you don't want to miss!!!
Gather your party members now and compete with others.
"Take note that if the MVP is alive, the whole map will be in PVP ON!!!"

The three Ifrit Gods!
In order for our game to be exciting, we added our own features!
Once you are online for some hours you are entitled to claim free potions, supplies, and even our Ifrit's treasure chest!!!! (Ifrit Treasure Chest contains Rare Items)

MVP Coin System!
By killing MVPs, You may get 1 pc MVP Coin with 10% chance!
Invite your friends now!

Daily Hunt!
Hunt together with your friends to get extra rewards!!!!
Such as Base Exp, Job Exp, and Item Rewards!!!!!!

MVP Player Competition!
The whole MVP map will be in PVP ON / Pk Mode
if the MVP boss is alive!
No one is exempted!
Intense Party vs Party every day!

Just visit our website at www.ifritragnarok.com
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