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Author Topic: Assault Ragnarok Online Instant 99  (Read 801 times)

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Assault Ragnarok Online Instant 99
« on: Jun 01, 2017, 05:48 AM »
Assault Ragnarok Online[Instant 99/70]
YUP! Instant 99 no Leveling Needed
FRESH !!!!!
Drops 10x ---- Pre-Renewal Server
MVP cards - Disabled
Set your Amazing Skills here
instant 99 - Ready to PVP/WOE/BG
Are you competitive?
Are you skilled?
How Best can you be?
Join our Server NOW!!!
With Friendly and Active GMs!!
Full of Event Ideas!!
You'll Never Get Bored !!
Tons of Quest and mission for you !!
Obtainable Donate items!!
20 Available Commands
@go,@autoloot,@refresh,@request,@time,@autotrade  and more

Server Highlights
Weapon Mastery - Gain Passive Bonus Depending on your Favorite Weapon -
Armor Awakening - Awaken your Armors to +10Stats -
WOE ready  --- WOE 1 and WOE 2
PVP ready  --- PVP as you Log in !! ---
MVP Rewards --- Assaul Badge and MVM MONSTER scroll ---
Costumes!! -- Yes! Tons of COstumes --
Buffer --- Full Buffs/Foods/Heal -- Making it Easy to Farm
Freebies included on Instant Job Changer
Guild Pack! - Guild Players? Get your Gpack NOW!! -
Solo? -- Dont Worry the Server is User Friendly --
Mission Boards -- YUP! CASH POINTS!! -
Quest Headgears And Weapons !! -- Forge your way to Victory --
GOTM/POTM Rewards -- CASH!! yesh CASH!! -- Points ^_^
Dungeon Party System -- Easy/Medium/HARD!! --
ROTD -- RACE OF THE DAY -- Gain Rewards + EXP!

Server NPCs
Warper NPC
Stylist NPC
Coin Trader
Refine Master
Reset Girl
Woe Info
Chat System . Whisper NPC:Broadcaster - Global# Message
and many more to come


Visit our Facebook(to be updated on Events)

Visit our Website

Download link For Lite Client:
NOTE: Use Lates KRO
Have Fun And Enjoy!!
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