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Author Topic: Arcana Ragnarok Online 99/50 Free Sparta Helm and Halter Lead!!!  (Read 1239 times)

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Server Information
Server website: https://www.arcana-ro.com
Arcana Ragnarok Online Information (Just got Started!!! April 16, 2016)
Pre-Renewal Pure Classic Server!!! (NO BOSS Cards! Disabled Mini Boss Cards: Archangeling, Angeling, Ghostring, and Deviling Card)
Upto 2nd Jobs Only!!! 99/50!
Guild Capacity 36/36 Server Rates: 8x/8x/15x
Base and Job level = 8x
Normal Cards = 15x
Normal equips = 3x
Normal Etc and Usable = 8x
Boss cards = (DISABLED)
Boss equips, etc, and usable = 3x
Server location: Los Angeles
Maximum DDOS Protection 99.99% uptime Guarantee
Server Protection: Gepard Shield ( No WPE HACKS and Bots )
Server Features:
Autotrade = Allowed
Dual Client = Allowed (Max of TWO)
No Mail System
Game Settings:   Free to Play
Server Episode:   10.4 - Hugel
Hourly Reward System = 1 Hour = 1 Reward Token (Can be used to buy ingame items and supplies)

MVP Reward Token = 1 MVP BOSS = 5% Chance to get 1 MVP Token (Can be used to buy ingame Rare Items)
Note: If in party mode, random reward on party members.

Player Commands:
@rates @refresh @autotrade @iteminfo @noask @reject @time @changegm @accept @whereis @whodrops @leave @invite @commands @duel @mobinfo
Updated Gepard Shield = No Bots and No hacks!

Other Ingame Features:
Rewarder NPC
Promotional Code NPC
Healer NPC
Reset NPC
Stylist NPC
PVP Warper NPC
PVP Ladder NPC