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Author Topic: AndyRO - Episode 16.1 - Banquet of Heroes [25x/25x/10x Renewal]  (Read 708 times)

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Offline hakister

Welcome to AndyRO!

Website: http://www.andy-ro.com/
Forum: http://www.andy-ro.com/forum/
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/AndyRagnarokOnline/
FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/AndyRO/
Discord: https://discord.me/andyro

AndyRO Info (Currently Launched)
Episode 16.1: Banquet of Heroes
Base & Job EXP Rate: 25x
Quest EXP Rate: 25x
Item Drop Rate: 10x
MVP Drop Rate: 10x
MVP Card Drop Rate: 1x
Max Level: 175/60
Max ASPD: 193
Max Stats: 130 (3rd job)
Party Share Limit: 70 Base Levels

- Third Classes: Fully Available
- Rebellion/Kagerou/Oboro: Fully Available
- Doram Race: Fully Available
- Functional Eclage, El Dicastes, Malangdo & Mora Quests
- Instance Dungeons Available: Sky Fortress, Central Laboratory, Room of Consciousness, Last Room, Charleston Crisis, Airship Assault, Bios Island, Morse's Cave, Temple of the Demon God, Faceworm's Nest, Old Glast Heim, Endless Tower, and more!
- WoE, PvP, and Battlegrounds
- Gepard 3.0 Security System
    * Protection against WPE/RPE/OpenKore
    * Protection against OllyDb, Cheat Engine, PotND, meth4u, xRag, Xlike
    * Protection against Keyboard & Mouse Emulation
    * Protection against use of nodelay hack.
- Enabled Dual Client
- Dual Client is disabled on WOE and Battleground Maps

Available Commands:
@daily / @dailies
@town / @home /@go0

Unique Features:

Angel and Devil NPC with the following functions

Unique Refine UI

Limited Promo Codes! (Dual Accounts won't work)

Instance Areas

- Airship Assault
- Bakonawa Lake
- Bangungot Hospital
- Bios Island
- Buwaya Cave
- Central Laboratory
- Charleston Crisis
- Devil Tower
- Eclage Interior
- Endless Cellar
- Endless Tower
- Faceworms Nest
- Geffen Magic Tournament
- Ghost Palace
- Hazy Forest
- Horror Toy Factory
- Infinite Space
- Last Room
- Malangdo Culvert
- Morse Cave
- Nightmarish Jitterbug
- Nydhoggs Nest
- Octopus Cave
- Old Glast Heim
- Old Glast Heim Hard
- Orcs Memory
- Room of Consciousness
- Sarah and Fenrir
- Sara Memory
- Sealed Shrine
- Sky Fortress
- Temple Of Demon God
- Wolfchev Laboratory

Available Illusion Dungeons

Check out our FB Page for more features in the server!
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