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Author Topic: Origins ro 5x5x5 [pre-re] old sql fashion gaming  (Read 1510 times)

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Origins ro 5x5x5 [pre-re] old sql fashion gaming
« on: Jun 12, 2015, 05:21 PM »
I would like to reccomand a low rate server, with rates 5x5x5 (pre-reneval) that has no donation items , no custom items (litteraly nothing) which means everybody is equaly strong. The server is : Origins ro (http://originsro.org/) .  /no1

Long story short: This is a server for those who like WOE, PVM . #main chat avaible to find party members, it has friendly community, 70-80 online (there is much more online for woe), NO custom items, NO donate items , litteraly nothing (no warper, job changer, resetter...).

Every 3-4 months a "new" episode is out, it follows the standard upcoming episode release. We are currently on episode  0.6

Woe video   /gg /an(play with sound): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwaVKRjQHqc

CHAT WITH PLAYERS WHO ARE PLAYING ATM+ WITH THOSE WHO ARE ONLINE AT FORUMS: http://client00.chat.mibbit.com/#[email protected]

A classis RO experice like it was once ! /ok

XX rates : 5x5x5x3 XX

XX NO TRANS CLASSES XX (there will be implemented once the episode is out,which means in 2-3 years)





70-80 online (100-120 for woe)

Pure PVM & MVP & WOE server . DUAL CLIENT allowed BUT NO AT WOE TIME!

Party up and get your lvls :) .. new players everyday . Main chat avaible to chat & find parties :)

Check some pictures below ;)

This is how it looks like : http://bbs.originsro.org/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=287&p=1418#p1418

Guilds recruiting : http://bbs.originsro.org/viewforum.php?f=35


If you like the fact that every 2 months a RO episode comes out, which means always new stuff to hunt..
If you like low rate WOE (that means NO AD SPAM, AND ALL OTHER skills..)
If you like to lvl up (solo or with parties) and slowly reaching to lvl 99 ...
If you like to kill MVPs in parties and get some items from them to use or sell ....
If you like the fact that currently there are NO trans classes, they will be implemented in 3 years more or less...
If you like the fact that THERE ARE NO DONATIONS AND ANY CUSTOMS AT ALL-- all players are equaly strong !
If you like the fact that there are many noobs on the server, and only 8 players reached lvl 99 so far ..!
if you like a PRE-RENEVAL experience, with frendly people that like to help new players ..guilds helping new player if they want help
If you like a server where there is ALWAYS something to do (like lvling up or join a party to kill some mvps) this is it. (thats also why i like it)

Why you SHOULDN'T join the sever

If you're searching for a pure PVP server,like those which there are parties of 10 people in arena ready to kill you - this is NOT the server for you
if you want fast lvling this is not the server for you. i am lvl 93 (crusader) which i became in 1 month and 5 days (but i have others chars with a lot lower lvls)
If you want to do custom quest for better gears .. this is not the server for you
If you like donates .. this is NOT the server for you.
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