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Author Topic: Abyss Ragnarok Online | 10x/10x/Custom  (Read 1472 times)

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Offline Amit

Abyss Ragnarok Online | 10x/10x/Custom
« on: Jun 14, 2015, 03:19 AM »
Hello Ragnarokers /ok

Yet again another Hi from AbyssRO /ho

So Why am I here? Just to advertise a server?? that's just probable answer that you thinking right now, Am I Right??

So Let be it!!! I am here to add in a new Server project that I recently launched, an avalanche low rate server trying to match Classic server where everything is fair and square!!

Long Back  months before I had AbyssRO launched though I had to pull in my socks due to Server host pulled himself away /wah and I had to redo my homework to back it up and now I am here with the server back again /gg

What so special abut AbyssRO anyways??

Abyss Ragnarok Online in short AbyssRO is a RO server set in pre-renewal times matching close to classic version on Ragnarok Online. a small community just meant for 100 players at the moment. Fairly low donation items, cash shop, custom NPC to keep up the players enthusiasm in playing RO. Everyone loves Classic times of Ragnarok Online as much as I do and AbyssRO is meant for players loving Classic RO with pre-renewal enchantments. With a small community of 100 players starting out and embarking on the epic AbyssRO journey the day is not too far where in the server would have a reach of 10000+ players online at any given point of time slowly increasing from 100+ player population. /ok

Launch Date: 11/JUN/2015

So What are the Rates of AbyssRO?

Base Exp: 10x
Job Exp: 10x
Normal Item/Drop Rate: 10x
Card Drop Rate: 1x
MvP Drop Rate: 1x
Max Base Level: 120
Max Job Level: 99
Baby Max: 120/99
Max Stats: 99
Max Attack speed: 190

Some AbyssRO Features you will love /kis2

Minimal Custom NPC to enhance the Gameplay
Minimal  Donation Items to upkeep server costs
Minimal items in cash shop to help gameplay dynamics and upkeep players gameplay
All Pre-renewal features included
Player base Capacity: 100 [Capped]
Server 24/7 Online

Fresh start which will help you rule and rock the world of Abyss Ragnarok Online. From 1 to 100 at your rule, how you do, depends upon you /gg

One email dunk in for any errors, bugs, glitches and AbyssRO will look into it sooner than possible.

At AbyssRO, There is NO SPOON FEEDING. Play for Free for your Life  /no1

How to Join?

Use the bellow links to join in and start your epic journey in the Abyss Ragnarok Online World /pif

AbyssRO Website: http://www.abyssro.com
To Register: http://abyssro.com/?module=account&action=create
Download AbyssRO: http://abyssro.com/?module=main&action=download

Come Join Abyss Ragnarok Online, Make new Pals, Parties, Guilds, Enjoy WOE, Win Agits, Make AbyssRO your home and Embark on an Epic Journey from 1 Player to make 100 players. Rule the Abyss Ragnarok World of Rune Midgard your Way, IN YOUR STYLE  /gg /kis


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