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Author Topic: Got Ragnarok Online (gRO)  (Read 22892 times)

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Offline casmavado

Re: Got Ragnarok Online (gRO)
« Reply #30 on: Jan 02, 2016, 06:40 PM »
Geez, i remember the good old days on Gro.
My name was Alexander the great(SinX) back then (Cofounder and Guildleader of Angels of might back then).
Me and my friends (baelgor and Dropje) really had a great time on Gro /heh
PS i remember you Pato /heh
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Offline Valaraukar

Re: Got Ragnarok Online (gRO)
« Reply #31 on: Jun 09, 2016, 11:31 PM »
Hey old gRO players, I played gRO for a long time also.  Started as Valaraukar on a wizard then was known as Vala on a blacksmith, and Achilleus as a GM.  Played in a few guilds, can't remember all the names but whatever wallstreet's guild was on the first server, angels of might, crimson moon, ethereal, and I think some others.  I recognize a lot of the names here, had some good times on the server!  Lost contact with quite a few but keep in touch with others.

Offline Neves

Re: Got Ragnarok Online (gRO)
« Reply #32 on: Sep 21, 2017, 04:58 PM »
Hey guys, i used to play on gRO aswell (started there after LLRO got corrupt).

Mostly played on my SinX under the name Neves. The people i remember that i mostly hanged around with was EvilSheep(Anna), Nameless and Lymie(think i married her in-game x.x).

The GM i had most contact/chilled with was Raistlin/Dissie (his Wiz/High Priest).

I realy do miss this server, i had loads of fun on it and made loads of friends. I was in a guild named "§hinryu" but unfortunately dont remember many members from it (it's been 13 years, c'mon... xD)

If anyone sees this and remembers me please do send me an email.

Offline Ariasqt

Re: Got Ragnarok Online (gRO)
« Reply #33 on: Sep 22, 2017, 05:37 AM »
Nice to see so many old ppl from my first private RO server... 12 years ago  /lv /lv /lv

Offline bourne2015

Re: Got Ragnarok Online (gRO)
« Reply #34 on: Sep 14, 2018, 07:32 PM »
I REMEMBER gRO. It was probably the best experience I have ever personally had with a mmorpg community. I have constantly been trying to find a game with a community quite like this server. But anyways, I played for most the server's lifespan, from like early middle school to high school. My sniper I think was named Bourne or my Stalker... don't remember which. I was the founder of the guild Mystic Lotus (I think that was the name), then I handed the guild over to Billy. I spent most of my time playing with BroLy and Flip in BroLy's guild. So I was mostly in Bloodline Limit, Syndicate, Mafia and one other guild after giving up my guild. After the server ended, I played with Flip and BroLy for a little bit longer on other servers.

Offline Nameless_

Re: Got Ragnarok Online (gRO)
« Reply #35 on: Feb 13, 2019, 04:26 PM »
Holy s***, this thread made chills crawl down my spine.
The nostalgia is massive.

I used to play gRO and I really enjoyed my time there and I could say it was definitely one of the precious moments I experienced during my life.
I was known for my Champion called Nameless and still remember I made a lot of friends but unfortunately, I lost contact with them.

If anyone still remembers me as ''Nameless'', feel free to say hi.
As for now, I hope you all have a wonderful and healthy life.