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hi anyone please rate my ragnarok video creativity. i made this video.
i'm curious how would viewers respond or think when they see such ragnarok advertisement.

what should be edited and removed.
please leave comment down below.

here's the link
[note: im not here to advertise the server]

if you wish to ask question or message me in my facebook account here's the link
Server Reviews / Re: RagnaBR
« Last post by Santo on Nov 23, 2018, 09:18 AM »
That sounds horrible, but how do they get 3k players to begin with?
RagnaBR has 10 years of success as a private server. We started a new server with new emulator without big changes in core and we announced in our launch that we will work in slow mode(did not help...). Of course our playerbase was modified after 2 years of our hiatus. Brazil needs an great server and it influencied in our att after few months. Result? Lot's of drama like this topic and the author was banned after various abusive behaviours and offenses and he insist in it making new accounts as if we care.
Long Lost Friends / Re: Looking for Azza of the Cerulean Knights
« Last post by Zonra on Nov 23, 2018, 02:16 AM »
It was EssenceRO. (Oops LOL I knew I forgot some info....)
Server Reviews / Re: RagnaBR
« Last post by yC on Nov 23, 2018, 01:45 AM »
That sounds horrible, but how do they get 3k players to begin with?
Server Reviews / RagnaBR
« Last post by Ness1 on Nov 23, 2018, 12:05 AM »
Hello guys! Since the admins ask us to make a review here I want to share all that happens in ragnaBR that made they lose 3k of people in two months.
First of all: we started the server as EVERY mvp and mini-boss drop at 100%. After a big fight in forum that last three days, the admins change the rate for 1x. What made a iten like valk shield change their price tô 6m to 60m in few hours.
Than we had a bug where you could share xp with any level. We all lost the count of how many people abused this to grind a lot of chars.
Ok, so this problem was sold. We keep playing the server for two months and the staff refusing to bring woe and allow us to play bg. After another big fight in forum, they started to make the bg's script. What i dont even need to explain: was a completely failure! They made a beta test but ignored all bugs that people reported. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. The Admin Frey made an oficial announce telling us that during the beta they never found any kind of bug (looks like he dont give a s*** about what we tould in forum).
Ok, so we also made it.
ragnaBR staff is really bad. GM Hanaory, GM Mugai and MOD Santo dont know nothing but ban people. They even tould us that they cant add tumb on Satan Morroc because he is summoned! This three gms treat people as s***. They are arrogant and if we try to sugest anything new, anything that they dont agree with us they say we can quit the server if we're not satisfied.
The staff refuses to let us know what and when the maintenance will happen. They do when they want. They dont care if we are doing Endless Tower or any kind of mvp or instance. They just do.
Otherwise since the server beggins, the skill earthquake os mvps os bugged (its do no damage) and they dont know how to fix it.
The bg is really bad and they refuses every sugests we give to improve.
If you guys want to give a shot a can tell one thing: this is for sure the wrost server i ever played!
Wow! I cant forget! There's some rummors that they are mining bitcoins with the auto patch and there was a screenshot of one people with a glorious bow +9 after two weeks. Try ask in forum about this: you will be banned and the topic or post will disapear.
Stay away guys.
Server Reviews / Re: REVO Ragnarok Online ( Scammers | RMT Admins )
« Last post by meaman654 on Nov 22, 2018, 08:13 AM »
Thank you for posting OP and I feel sorry for your friend. But that admin has been flagged a long time ago. http://forum.ratemyserver.net/hall-of-shame/zeira-brenth-juvia-(atlas-ro-aeva-ro)/60/

If only he took the time and researched the admins in question.

This 'franchising' fiasco has been a thing that's going on for a while now and it's not gonna be gone any time soon. I've sent multiple warnings to server buyers as well, but some how it always fell short or fall on deaf ears.
Server Reviews / REVO Ragnarok Online ( Scammers | RMT Admins )
« Last post by CrashNBurN on Nov 22, 2018, 06:49 AM »
Greetings, RMS members.

Myself, CrashNBurN.
Player of Ragnarok Online game since it's the first release on 2003.
As in hobby, I write articles related to Linux developments.
A newly created forum account and plus this is my first time writing a review on RMS.

                                      For the last couple of months, I had this intention to set a warning post among the Ragnarok players RMSwide. The concept of RO gaming is been falling down to a serious ground, Thinkers, they have concluded to a reason which has just a minute part of this worst outcome. The reason where the newly developed high-graphical games have been taking over classical such as our beloved Ragnarok Online.

The major part of the downgrading is the developers or the game owners who set an environment for personal benefits with scamming and trading in-game valuables for real money, RMT as we know it.
Such an individual has injected a virus to his ethics, And yes, It's Injected with his own personal interests. but less do he care about the game itself.
A virus which is un-curable, can't be removed. It means sooner or later he is forced by himself to do such illegal actions.
And everything happens is straightly pointed towards the game, Ragnarok Online
Regardless of its nature, whether if it is private or official.

Aeva RO > Atlas RO > and now, It's REVO Ragnarok Online.
A pattern is been followed by the developer or a group.
Aeva RO | X | Atlas RO | X | Revo Ragnarok Online
X as the symbol for the time they have taken to build the budget for the next server.
How? They look for clients who are interested to own a Ragnarok Online Server, It's all at the professional level.
Skype / Trello / Discord / Documents, Everything a new owner expects to see, They explain about the cost investments and give out the results as a new owner wants to be seen.
Then they request to transfer the cash to an account, WU account.
After the amount is received, The activeness of the project is lowered to 80 ~ 60 ~ 40 percentage wise.
The conditions are, The owner is not allowed to add any other person to the project even though he owns it.
The owner has no rights on the access to the database.
The owner has no voice on what results are updated or need to be done.
As time passes by they are 0% active to the given project and the reply will be, we have a personal matter to solve, we continue once it's done. Trust me, it's never done.
Next thing, they pop-up with a new server.

The above given was experienced by my close friend, They scammed around 1k$.
Then, it's in-game.

I personally don't want to go through the topic regarding Admin RMT.

I might get a negative response to this post but, My intention was just awareness.
They might also be a part of your friend's project or maybe one of yours.

Let the game survive with our memories.
Ragnarok Online.

Juperos works well too.
Server Seeking / LF > HR/SHR RENEWAL
« Last post by tatacho on Nov 21, 2018, 08:36 PM »
What do I seek? I would say something like no custom ''balanced'' changes to classes, must be HR/SHR renewal,
friendly community, daily rewards, custom items/quests, active GM, etc.

But really, all I want is 1 HR/SHR renewal server without: op donations/cash grab server and unfairness to new players.

Plus if you don't have boring quest to bring 8000x jelopy for a crappy hat. That's it.
Server Seeking / Re: LF>SHR or HR server with....
« Last post by lon3wolf on Nov 21, 2018, 02:50 PM »
still looking for server  /omg hopefully will find some good server  /sob
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