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Hall Of Shame / Re: Nyro Ragnarok Server. Biased.
« Last post by SethIvaris on Jun 13, 2018, 01:20 AM »
See what I mean? Lol. You maybe a victim but it doesnt mean that you are clean and innocent. This and that have their different meanings.

Will it make difference if he will admit his mistakes and say sorry for it? You already judged him and shame him so whats the use? Will it take back all the shame you guys gave him? Like duh?

And FYI. I AM A WELL EDUCATED PERSON. I am not stupid enough to shame someone just for my own satisfaction.
Long Lost Friends / Anyone around from DreamerRO low rate?
« Last post by KickStart on Jun 13, 2018, 01:14 AM »
Where'd everyone go?
I took a hiatus and next thing I knew everyone had disappeared.
I see no reason not to bump it.
Yeah, Nova is pretty cool - no real P2win gear options though so it won't appeal to certain types...which is good. ;)
Hall Of Shame / Re: Nyro Ragnarok Server. Biased.
« Last post by LaxusJaegerjaques on Jun 12, 2018, 11:13 PM »
Aries didn't you abuse your powers in SSRO and SRo?
Giving your whole guild OP donates such as neo valk items?
Just saying.
Don't condemn someone for giving OP items for donates when you did the same.
Hall Of Shame / Re: Nyro Ragnarok Server. Biased.
« Last post by Thea Aries on Jun 12, 2018, 10:46 PM »
@to the poofter above.

What makes you think we are not clean and innocent?

Judgemental know it all prick.

We are the victims here that is why we are so upset.

Hence the action with provided evidence?

Nosey bastard, yes everybody makes mistakes. However this GM has the nerve to not apologise let alone admit his mistakes and instead back chat with false evidence continuing to try defend himself.

You stupid?
Hall Of Shame / Re: Nyro Ragnarok Server. Biased.
« Last post by SethIvaris on Jun 12, 2018, 09:50 PM »
Apply the move on word on yourselves guys. Everybody commits mistakes and those who are clean and innocent are the ones who have the right to shame and degrade someone. Dont talk as if you guys are so innocent and as if you dont have any faults on this. Be mature and move on guys.  /no1
High Rate / Wise RO ( Asia Based Host )
« Last post by dev.dudz on Jun 12, 2018, 07:57 PM »
Wise Ragnarok Online
Easy Farm , Easy Quest , Solo Gpack , Gpack Ready

Server Opened : June 4, 2018
Gepard 3.0 - 3 Max Client
Singapore Host
Transcendent Class
Kiel Based
Break The Seal ( Unfrost Armor )
Token Quest
Modified Soul Link
Modified Some Cards
Lot of Automated Events
Active WoE / PvP

  /no1 FB Group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/wiseragna/
  /gg  Website : https://wise.ro-game.net
 /heh  Forum : https://wise.ro-game.net/forum
Hall Of Shame / Re: Nyro Ragnarok Server. Biased.
« Last post by Thea Aries on Jun 12, 2018, 07:51 PM »
That is simply because he has no evidence, we have caught him red handed being a corrupt scum bag and that is the end.

I wish there would be more punishment, but karmas a b****.
Server Seeking / Re: Looking for WoE based High Rate
« Last post by pr3zs on Jun 12, 2018, 04:44 PM »
TheosRO , a highrate 255/120 server you will truely enjoy here no , third job classes , rates are 10k/10k/1%

Hi! I've played a multitude of servers across all rates and enjoyed most of them, but the one i truely enjoyed playing the most was BlackoutRO, i miss a High Rate fast paced WoE, without 3rd classes. i'd prefer rates of 3k or above and a 250/120 or above server. Any help is greatly appreciated!
Server Discussion / Re: Would there be a demand for Custom server like this
« Last post by Blinzer on Jun 12, 2018, 04:18 PM »
Your implication was that "economy" mainly relates to zeny and its inflation, whereas the way I used economy in that context was very obviously related to the flow of items into the economy and the way that affects the availability of gear. You can't take two different uses of the word and overlap them and then claim I'm contradicting myself. On top of it, I clearly state there that the economy is rock solid and it's only to cut out people from recycling(which is what I repeated here), so the contradiction you claim to point out doesn't even make sense. It almost seems like a desperate attempt to criticize something you've only thought about at a very shallow level.

Again, you keep trying to associate old and outdated concepts to my server. You've lived in a private server world where for the past 10 years MVP cards have been made extremely hard to get and are scarce, and that would be a problem if it was bound to equipment forever, I agree! It's unfortunate that everything in my design, including MVP cards, don't fulfill that role at all and are designed for everyone to have access to all of them. You may be scared of MVP cards tearing any balance in your version of the game if everyone had them, but I am not; and anyone who tries to preserve the bad culture of infinitely extending the lategame through a gimmicky bingo party is a fool.

"Delaying something"? "Making the game more solo based"? Don't make me laugh. I'll give you 1000 dollars if you can ever get 50 million zeny on my server completely by yourself and without ever interacting with anyone. Put your hands where your mouth is.
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