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Server Seeking / pvm/pve server?
« Last post by mageroth on Mar 08, 2019, 05:22 PM »
Pogression and reward feeling PVM, I'd like to know if there is good international renewal or pre-renewal server with rate 1x or custumizable rate or something like that.

 Thank you.
Server Discussion / Re: RagnaRevo (Scam Alert)
« Last post by CrashNBurN on Mar 08, 2019, 07:09 AM »
I would say your intentions are good except that you are clearly just looking for revenge after getting suckered.

Thanks, Nuclear for commenting on the topic too, I was expecting a few known names for replies and happy to know that I wasn't wrong. It’s often said that RMS is now the most widely-used Ragnarok database site in the world, Bear in mind that in many situations we can use either point the cause to the server owner or the medium which leads to such scenarios. The difference between them is that in the case of the second one, we want to question the RMS responsible management in which players depend whereas in the first one we are talking about a person (team) who is known to be popular in scamming people for economic purposes than investing that to create his own p-server that too for RMT, leading with the same intentions and tactics, creating & re-creating (loop) more than 5 servers till date and also working into various field like sub-admin or support developer just to get access into people's ideas and clone into his methods of $$ making scenarios. Well, I can't complain about the team's method because we are in the enslaved generation in which humans tend to find the easiest method (regardless of its cause) to earn cash. But Acknowledging it than supporting to let it happen just because of in-game player's can post reviews, RMS should re-consider its way of approaching such servers with RMS privileges. Sure, you can name it has my Revenge or Justice, My intentions that I don't want anyone to fall into similar traps and lose their valuable cash with such fake and misleading people.
Server Seeking / Re: LF> Super High Rate servers Renewal
« Last post by iamhii on Mar 08, 2019, 06:21 AM »
Hey you should check out Dreamer RO! they match pretty much everything you listed and even more thing you didn't list xD


They have hundredssss of customize item and you can have outfit! Your character will be unique from anyone else! No one on the server look the same at all!
Server Seeking / Re: Lf HR or SHR pre renewal 255/120
« Last post by Zonra on Mar 08, 2019, 05:06 AM »
We might not be quite what you're looking for, but I still want to recommend AnomalyRO!!

We're a SHR with a level cap of 500/200, but the drop rates have been highly customized to give the server the feel of a mid-rate.
Our max aspd is only 193, but believe me, any faster is hardly necessary.
Instant cast is 150 dex, and 300 luk gives you full immunity.
All of our equipment is 2 slot, and all of the headgears throughout the entire server are customized to have matching stats in order to maximize your character customization options!
Our MVP card drop rate is right at 10%, although if I recall correctly, there are few that are lower due to their high demand (such as Kiel and Tao Gunka) which I believe are 5%.

Additionally, we have a Gold Room, MVP Arena, custom Battlegrounds rewards, hourly rewards system, hourly events (including some fan favorites such as Dice, Disguise, Word Scramble, and Poring Catcher), as well as Daily Contract quests and a customized achievements system.

Plus, we have a super friendly community and GM team! Someone is almost always available to ask for help.

I hope you'll give us a try! (Keep an eye out for me~ GM Kirari! ;D)
Server Seeking / Re: LF> HR/SHR
« Last post by Zonra on Mar 08, 2019, 04:56 AM »
I'm not sure we're quite what you're looking for, but I'd still like to recommend giving us a try at AnomalyRO! We're a SHR server with highly customized drop rates that give the server more of a mid-rate feel, and there are HUNDREDS of quests to do, including quests for godly equips. You might like our Daily Contract quests which consists of some very easy quests for easy rewards. 5 of these are available each day and they change at random from a pool of about 50 or so random quests. There are also achievements for doing them diligently. :) We DO have a donation system, but it's almost entirely for aesthetic purposes; all of the headgears are customized to have the same stats so that you can customize your character without having any worries. There are ways to earn donation credits in-game without ever having to actually donate. As for costumes, we only have a few to offer right now, but there are plans to implement some more. :) Yes, we have a gold room, and yes, our card drop rate is reasonably high but not outrageously so. We also have an MVP arena for easy farming. (I think the MVP Card drop rate is 10% but it feels higher than that. You can also get them through our Upgraded Card Albums which can be obtained through the Battlegrounds system!)

Additionally, we have a custom voting rewards system, hourly rewards, hourly in-game events such as Disguise, Dice, Word Scramble, Poring Catcher, and Invasion, AND we have a unique hairstyle customization system that allows players to also change the color of the accessory that adorns some hairstyles!

Plus, our GM team is super nice and friendly! I may be biased though -- I'm GM Kirari! I love the team I work with! We're almost always available to help and offer assistance so don't be shy about contacting us with questions! I also adore our friendly and helpful community. They're always ready to help newbies feel at home. :)

I hope you'll come give us a try! https://www.anomalyro.com/ Hope to see you there! :D
Server Reviews / Re: RagniteRO
« Last post by KnoksPE on Mar 07, 2019, 08:09 PM »

my experience in Ragnarok is already many years, and the truth is that I was surprised with the dedication that you put this server, you never get bored playing here. the community is very active and GMs are always active to solve the doubts of new players.  /lv
Server Discussion / Re: RagnaRevo (Scam Alert)
« Last post by Bue on Mar 07, 2019, 01:38 PM »
This is by no means a perfect system, but to interpret it as RMS promoting such servers is disingenuous and simplistic.

Honestly, I would say your intentions are good except that you are clearly just looking for revenge after getting suckered.

That about sums it up.

It is a cautionary tale for people who think they can pay their way into owning a server.
Server Discussion / Re: RagnaRevo (Scam Alert)
« Last post by Nuclear on Mar 07, 2019, 12:40 PM »

When one does have an record of massive scamming and RMT issues and still continues to do so, RMS should be the medium of promoting such activities by advertising it to the players who is in-search for new servers, because at the end of the day they were leaded to it by RMS. This platform should not promote such servers, that's where the "KEY OF CHANGE" can be created. -well, This might be just perspective opinions, don't you think? Sir Blinzer. 

This is a really dangerous argument. RMS doesn't promote servers, it permits listing. If said listing goes against the TOS, it delists. Servers are promoted on the basis of user reviews. If it can be proven that said user reviews are fake, they are removed. This is by no means a perfect system, but to interpret it as RMS promoting such servers is disingenuous and simplistic.

Furthermore, RMS is not 'advertising' brenth servers. The server owners are doing their own advertisement. Brenth is featured in the Hall of Shame, which imo is the most any public forum should do. Censorship is distasteful, no one here is an innocent child. Use the information available and use your discretion when choosing to support servers instead of pursuing an online witch hunt.

If you accidentally supported an RMT based server or got scammed, you done f*** ed up and you'll learn more from that one mistake than any amount of censorship or de-platforming. Honestly, I would say your intentions are good except that you are clearly just looking for revenge after getting suckered.

Server Seeking / Looking for servers with command @changerate 1x~100x
« Last post by riven on Mar 07, 2019, 10:48 AM »
I am looking for more servers like shininro with possibilit to change the rates with command and be rewarded if you is a hardcore player 1x.

Thank you.
Low Rates / Ragnarok Valkyrie [PRE TRANS SERVER]
« Last post by valkyrie924 on Mar 07, 2019, 06:20 AM »

Welcome to Valkyrie Server!
We are inviting you guys specially Valkyrie players who loves to play valkyrie the old times!
The server Episode is 13.1 - Ash Vacuum! Play the classic trans server you've played before!

Website: http://www.playragnarok.ph
Forum: http://www.ragnaboards.ph
Register: http://portal.playragnarok.ph/register
Download: http://www.playragnarok.ph/valkyrie/page?c=cp&p=7

Server Rates
EXP Rates: 7.0x / 7.0x
Drop: 3.0x
MVP Drop: 1.0x
Max Level: 99/70
Max Stats: 99
Max Aspd: 190
No Cast Dex: 150
No Lag | No Bot!
No Boss Card!
Available on Android!
Protected by Gepard Shield 3.0
Friendly Active GM's!
Weekly Events!
Playtime Reward!

@commands, @rates, @time, @refresh, @request, @whereis, @whodrops, @mi

Premium Commands
@autoloot, @font, @identifyall

Freshly opened last February 28, 2019
Come and Play with us now! The most exciting and best low rate server of the year!

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