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Server Seeking / LF> LOW MID pre renew
« Last post by mclaud on Sep 03, 2018, 09:32 AM »
looking for:

pre renew
new server max 4 months
rate 40~90x
host in north America or south América

ty  /no1
Server Discussion / Re: "Map/monster of the week" yay or nay?
« Last post by Blinzer on Sep 03, 2018, 07:15 AM »
the whole fantasy of an open world is a scam. the reason why the original zelda and older games functioned as true open worlds is because you could go anywhere at any point in time and get your a*s handed to you, but you could also succeed if you were good enough at it. there's no such thing in the modern day rpg, there's gear or level or skill requirements littered everywhere. you can't walk into a lategame dungeon and clear it no matter how good you are, but that's something you can do in an open world game

the deeper you dive into precise scenarios, the more streamlined your game is going to become. even if you balance the exp out there will still inherently be an order in which you have to do things, and a "best place to get exp or zeny or items". you can get around this by making places with monsters of almost identical strength and giving them item drops of almost identical strength, but that's just a cheap magic trick to cover up the reality. there's way to make it more tricky by giving value to hunting different places not just by experience but through exp-equipment-consumables and whatever else affects character stats, but it's really just the same s*** covered with different flowers

i think at the end of the day the trick is to make people not care about the fact they're being taken on an adventure. you do that with good gameplay, interesting mechanics and by putting something that people can take away from your game even once they're done playing it
Server Discussion / Re: "Map/monster of the week" yay or nay?
« Last post by yennar on Sep 03, 2018, 05:18 AM »
Ragnarok has a big problem: You got many many maps with many many monsters out there but most of them are not efficient for leveling or farming.
The map/monster of the day/week is just an option to make other maps/monsters a bit more interesting than before.
Low Rates / Ragnarok Forver Classic Episode 2 Lutie
« Last post by violet on Sep 03, 2018, 04:09 AM »

  Introducing Ragna4Ever
  Available for Android Devices
  5x5x5 Normal Rates
  Classic 2-1 Jobs
  Episode 2 Lutie
  Old Maps and Mob locations
           NPCs Available
  Custom Kafra warps
  Job Changer
  Universal Rent
  Elemental Weapon Forger
  Reset NPC
          Special Features
  Hourly Events
  Hourly Points
  MVP Rewards
  FB Share Rewards
  24/7 Support Team
  2 max client
  no mob skills
  no combo cards/equip all classic
  no mvp cards
          Server Specs
  4 Cores 3.2ghz
  1Gbps Downlaod/Upload Speed
  Asia/Singapore Based
  Website: http://ragna4ever.com/
  Register: http://ragna4ever.com/?module=account&action=create
  Download: http://ragna4ever.com/?module=main&action=download
  FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ragnarok4ever/
  FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/ro4evah/
          There's More!
  Register now and save these codes
  Talk to Rewards NPC with these promo codes to get:
  6736464 = 10 Points
  3733397 = 1x Advanced Field Manual
  373322 = 1 Bubble Gum
Server Discussion / "Map/monster of the week" yay or nay?
« Last post by Achelexus on Sep 03, 2018, 12:55 AM »
I see features/mechanics like this on many servers, a random monster/map/dungeon(sometimes all of them) gets chosen and everything there has bonus loot/exp for a determinate amount of time, after said time is over, other map/etc gets chosen and so on.

Is this a good game mechanic? Seems like it just kills one of RO's biggest purposes, the freedom to come and go, and grind whatever you want to level, by essentially forcing a "meta" where you just go kill whatever is in the spotlight as it's the most efficient.

What do you think of this?
Super High Rate / XBoost Ragnarok Online
« Last post by xboost on Sep 02, 2018, 09:32 PM »
Pre-renewal Server, based on the classic Ragnarok Online PH, with its thrilling experience , Quest, Monster Hunts, Server Hosted Events and More.

Base Exp: 100000

Job Exp: 100000

Drop Rate: 100%

Equip Drop: 100000

Card Drop: 100%

MVP Card Drop: 1%

Max Base Lvl: 255

Max Job Lvl: 120
Max Stats: 200
Max ASPD: 196

Custom Mage has no cast to make stats balance "BUT"
Kiel-D01 Card is required for reduced casting delays on skills.
and more Card Customs

Daily Log in Rewards

Cash Item = Quest.

 lots of Ingame Events hosted by GM it self
 FOrum Events ACTIVE GM

@commands for players:


(With Minimal 9 Member+1 Leader = Total Minimals 10 Players)

Server Features:

29 Hairstyles
263 Hairs Colors
553 Clothes colors
Many headgears from kRO, jRO, twRO, bRO and other official servers available.

Home Page: http://www.xboost-ro.tk/
REgister:  http://www.xboost-ro.tk/?module=account&action=create
FOrum : http://xboost-ro.tk/forum/
Facebook: http://facebook.com/xboostragnarok


   Saii - xboostRO Admin
~Solo admin
Support / [Q] Why my review on Pomch RO got deleted?
« Last post by Crusnik05 on Sep 02, 2018, 09:20 PM »
Can u help me to know why my review on Pomch RO got deleted 2x ?  /sob
RO Graphic, Coding & Media / Re: desu.grf
« Last post by meaman654 on Sep 02, 2018, 05:52 PM »
Usually, the jobname file that's being used by a server is in the servername.grf (Example: YrvineRO.grf) not in the data.grf. If it is different, and by that I mean not the usual thing in pre-re where the data.grf and server.grf are visible in the RO folder, then you have to see things on your own.  I skimmed through some Revo Classic threads in rAthena and I think they might have something to help you with.

Knowing that you see "gibberish" means the files are encrypted. You can't really edit lua files when they're like that. You need to decrypt them.

On another note, if there is only the data.grf... Try merging desu.grf in to the data.grf and see the results in game (You're gonna encounter errors for sure but hey, that's a good thing) Don't forget to back the data.grf file.
Server Discussion / Re: Would there be a demand for Custom server like this
« Last post by Blinzer on Sep 02, 2018, 06:58 AM »
By the way, making equipped items untradable is a pretty basic way to guarantee that items that aren't the absolute best still retain their value. Without it, as soon as people buy better gear, they can just sell back their old gear, thus never providing an item sink for low/mid level items. If anything, more MMOs/servers should try this mechanic.

talking to the monkeys about the issues of men, a bold move

let me prepare you mentally for what's to come

Rant and Rave / Re: Legend RO
« Last post by yC on Sep 01, 2018, 08:38 PM »
Nice server name. Stolen from LegendRO/Lightside Legend from like 2005 days

Do you mean the name is "stolen"?  By now, 13 laters, almost every xyzRO has been created so name isn't anything special or can be said as "stolen".  I can understand some server names could have a special place in certain ppl's heart but we should all keep an open-mind on these things. 
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