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I don't have access to post in the hall of shame section so I posted it here.

What happened is the owner of the server cgRO (https://www.cgamershub.com), Parachute, got caught command leveling characters and the guild, ICHIBAN, that he command leveled characters for is none other than his own. He tried to say he was giving out 200 miracle meds to guilds as part of a NEW guild package that he hasn't even announced yet and that he gave that guild package to ICHIBAN. However, that does not explain the discrepancy of the experience as shown in the attachment. The players in the screenshot have the same exact number of experience in the hundred thousands and sometimes the millions which are uneven which is impossible because of the way parties gain exp and that miracle medicines only give an EVEN amount of exp. Look at the highlighted in the attachment.

As for veteran players, you know that it is impossible to have the same amount of exp when you level up because each player will get a different amount of exp overtime even if you stayed in the same party as  them from level 1. Now, miracle medicines only give 1 level MAX per use and the exp does NOT overlap if you level up. As we all know, the amount of exp it takes to reach what is shown in the screenshot is more than what 200 miracle meds can produce in this server. Miracle medicines in this server at the time gave 4m base exp and 2m job exp. That means, they would have had to gained 400m+ exp on their own. Even if they did all level in the same party, it does not matter because you cannot have that same amount of exp and discrepancies in the millions and have the same in the thousands because that's simply how gaining exp in RO works. You can try making a party with a character and leveling for 1 hour and you will see there will be a difference between the 2 characters.

Dude why is someone freakin out for some exps? if you Party with your guild the exps are soo high, you dont even care about who is faster max lvl.
I don't even know why anyone care about others getting faster exp than you?
to me it sounds like you are a Little mad kid.

RO exists to have fun and Play with your Team... woe or pvm doesnt matter.
get a f*** joint you need to chill your balls abit dude. Go out and walk abit. How can endure your own toxic?  /hmm /hmm

Youtube Promotional Video : https://youtu.be/pBJMsOlVsmw

Server Location : Singapore
CBT April 10th 2018
Pre-renewal System
Episode : 12
Class: Transcendent Job
Base & Job & Quest: 8x/8x/8x
Item Drop: 7x
Normal Cards: 25x
MVP Drop: 7x/Custom
MVP Cards: Currenty Unabled

Main Website : www.oberonragnarok.com
Register : www.oberonragnarok.com/portal
Download Link : https://www.oberonragnarok.com/porta...dule=downloads
Discord Server : https://discord.gg/gMHfrdV
Ratemyserver : http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?pa...ron%20Ragnarok
Forum: https://forum.oberonragnarok.com/
Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/OberonRagnarok/
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/423418224748158/
Instagram: oberonragnarok


Profession System: Fisherman, Engineer, Scavenger, & Leatherworker
World Event: Ragnarok
Unique System: Phantom Cards
Unique System: Personal Home
Unique System: The Compendium
Automated Events: Digging Treasures
Automated Events: Defense of the Civilians
Customized Damage-Modifier Cards
Custom Maps, Mobs, and Items

Healer, Job Changer, Card Remover, Universal Rental NPC, Stylist, Reset NPC, Warper, Hat Maker, Compendium Manager, Home Manager, Administrator, Market Bulletin, and many more


@profession, @recipes, @compendium, @mvpotw, @mvpotd, @roulette, @joinmi

@rates, @autotrade, @iteminfo, @autoloottype, @go, @alootid, @time, @uptime, @showexp, @whereis, @whodrops, @showzey, @hominfo, @commands, @request, @autoloot, @duel, @mobinfo

Oberon RO is a pre-renewal private server which offers you an exclusive original features made by our own professional scripters. We started our journey from Episode 12, Nightmare of Midgard, Destruction of Morroc. Aside from the original stories from official ragnarok, Oberon also offers you a tale of our own.

Along with the fun and balances you get with transcendent jobs, Oberon is also one of the few servers to actually combine 2017 KRO Client with pre-renewal system. Here, you will find the latest KRO features being implemented, such as Achievement and Title System, New UI Refine, and lots of other new interfaces. We understand that grinding in pre-renewal is not as fun as renewal, therefore, we made a new system of our own, where 4 slotted weapons like Pike [4], Main-Gauche [4], or Rod [4] will not be as strong as level 4 weapons.

Oberon RO strives to bring you new and unique contents. Experience the world first profession system alongside with unique in-game interactions. Feel what its like to play in a different world from any other server. Everyday, there is always something new to look forward to. Immerse yourself with custom quests, missions, and events like no others. You'll also find yourself a different Automated Events, forget the boring events such as disguise or devil square, here in Oberon, we have our own automated events made just for you to enjoy.

Oberon RO understands that leveling up in a low-rate server seems kinda boring without the help of proper interactions. Here, you can find yourself a Wandering NPC and some Request NPC who will help to light up your adventure. Experience leveling like any others, grinding has never been so fun.

Do you like Compendium System? Yes, the one that you found in DOTA 2. If yes, then we have some good news for you. Oberon RO proudly introduces the first automated Compendium System in the world. Indulge yourself in daily quests to fuel up your compendium points in order to get valuable rewards. You like to be competitive? Be the top 3 points holder to win yourself epic treasures.

Here at Oberon RO, we have something for everyone. Do you like PvP battles? We have our own Team Battle for you. You like PvE more than PvP? Do not worry, we have World Boss Event, MvP of the Day, MvP of the Week, and lots more others.
Long Lost Friends / Re: MAELSTROOOMM!!
« Last post by yC on Apr 11, 2018, 12:04 PM »
The server is still alive, you might be able to find somebody that have contact with them there.

Long Lost Friends / MAELSTROOOMM!!
« Last post by Ringo on Apr 11, 2018, 11:38 AM »
Maelstrom guild in TalonRO, where you at? I lost you guys when RaidCall is not the thing anymore. I also forgot what the forum site was ;9

Anywhoo hope you guys still remember me, because I still remember you crazy hardcore sexy beasts.
RO Graphic, Coding & Media / Re: desu.grf
« Last post by Zereges on Apr 11, 2018, 11:28 AM »
I also wrote guide quite a while ago (almost 10 years, lol), prefixed it "Creative Editing", and was acknowledged by bleu, so I believe it's OK.

Good guide. I am gonna steal some sprites :P
Sorry to rain on your circle jerk parade. I asked around about this. Your massive conspiracy has a simple solution. The miracle meds in the gpack were tradable, so Chiby (the guy who claimed the gpack) used miracle meds from 28 boxes to powerlevel 14 chars. That's 200x28 divided by 14.

Go figure.

Server is doing fine. Hidden players lmfao. You really are special.

Rant and Rave / Re: Parachute (cgRO) Chknfoot Leader | Hall Of Shame Request
« Last post by Emcee on Apr 11, 2018, 08:49 AM »
This server is indeed dead. No one to play with. Just autotrades and hidden players. I just went on it to check this dirty managed server.
Server Seeking / Re: Looking for a good 99/70
« Last post by honey3131 on Apr 11, 2018, 07:46 AM »
Seireiteiro faith and hope top 6 in lowrate server try us u and ur guild is welcome /ok /ok
The only possible explanation is those characters with same exp are partying together since lvl 1 high novice.
Then leveled to 99 on 30x server and made sure everyone are hunting the same exact amount of mobs.

Almost virtually impossible unless someone leech them very quickly in one sitting.

The small difference in millions ?
Quest exp.

The problem is there wasn't a small difference in the millions. There was about a 20m gap as you can see from the below. Not only that but if you look at the below. Character 5. High On Shrooms his Base exp in the thousands match but his job exp is a complete anomaly. His job exp is completely different. There is nothing that only gives job exp. So the whole thing is impossible.

Btw idk if you know but if you try leveling multiple characters at once, even if you all kill the same amount of monsters, the exp isn't distributed evenly. There are chances when killing a mob that the exp will be distributed unevenly.

All characters are from ICHIBAN guild aka chknfoot

1. Character "Junai"                 | Base level 98 | Base EXP 415,633,461 | Job EXP 78,934,916
2. Character "Niji"                    | Base level 98 | Base EXP 411,633,461 | Job EXP 96,934,916
3. Character "Chikarra"             | Base level 98 | Base EXP 411,633,461 | Job EXP 86,934,916
4. Character "snowman"           | Base level 98 | Base EXP 411,633,461 | Job EXP 84,934,916
5. Character "High On Shrooms | Base level 98 | Base EXP 399,633,461 | Job EXP 42,434,072
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