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Mid Rates / [Renewal] AaeriaRO - Grand Opening: TODAY! [35x & 35x / 10x]
« Last post by Aaeria on Jun 16, 2017, 06:09 PM »

Website : Forums : Register : Downloads : Facebook : Ratemyserver

Live Countdown : https://goo.gl/6hC4qY

Rates : 35x & 35x
Quest Rates : 35x
Common Drop : 10x
Normal Card Drop : 0.1%
MVP Card Drop : 0.02%
MVP Item Drop : 10x
ASPD : maximum of 193
Instant-Cast : 150 dex
Stats cap : 130
Level cap : 175/60
Party level range : 30
Party EXP bonus : Enabled
DDoS mitigation: Available
Server localization : US (Las Vegas), UTC/GMT -7

Very excited to see you all in-game, really means a lot to me.

Kind regards,
your one and only Aaeria.
Server Discussion / Re: Who would like to see a high rate pure PvP server?
« Last post by Lushi on Jun 16, 2017, 05:10 PM »
Yes, NamelessRO is a great example as I've also played there myself for years. NON-NL and NL-PVP worked but you would see way more people participate in NON-NL which as you know was strictly single slot items. Seeing 4 users already  post in this thread requesting for no multiple slot items should be a hint also but its all personal choice. I've always seen multiple item servers die out quick or just get stale.
Server Reviews / Re: NovaRO - honest review by Elu
« Last post by gohan on Jun 16, 2017, 02:55 PM »
I played NovaRO for a long time, there are many praises that I could make here, but one that doesn't get in my mind is: Why not implement Fallen Angel Wings? It's official. Why not implement safe refines (from MvP drops like iRO) and HD ores? It's also official. If not implement the HD why not at least a safe to 7 certificates? In novaRO you see a lot of players with +4 and +7 armors and +15~19 weapons. As far as I know, this is not balanced at all. How would you get an item that is extremely rare over refined? That's just not possible in novaRO and that's the reason I stopped playing there. (I played since the beginning when it had 100~ players on) and actually wasn't just me, I know at least 5~10 people who quit for the same reason.

Other than that I gotta say they do a very good job in the rest, it is a very stable and good server with lots of people and friendly staff.

Nova you might remember me from a long time when I broke the emperium with a Ranger alone in one WoE. (one of the funniest moments I had in ragnarok in my whole life) I was in a PvM guild and just went to the woe to check out and everyone ignored an alone warrior ranger.

Modification, Sprite & Tool / Disable minimap transparency
« Last post by koodpzok on Jun 16, 2017, 01:53 PM »
Just as the heading, Is there anyway to disable the minimap transparency like the background always overlaps with the minimap ?
Low Rates / Malaysia Low Rate RO
« Last post by wonderfulro on Jun 16, 2017, 01:29 PM »

Hello Wonderful player, we are proud to present you with Malaysia low rate server with renewal features.
Come and join us at WonderfulRO.
Lots of freebies for new sign ups, and also,
we're giving 3 rental godly items for you to start your adventure.

Website : https://wonderfulro.com
Fb Page : https://www.facebook.com/wonderfulro/
Register : https://wonderfulro.com/account/create/
Download : http://www.mediafire.com/file/phnrm8hrzt7bhco/WonderfulRO+Client.rar

Rates: 8x/8x/3x/5x (Base exp./Job exp./Drop rate./Quest exp).
Rates can increase dynamically (up to 10x/10x/3x/5x).
Max Level 3rd Job: 175/60
Max Level Trans: 99/70
Max Stats 3rd Job: 130
Max Stats Trans: 99
Max ASPD: 193
Instantcast: 150 dex
Renewal, 3rd Job  /lv
Many Custom Features  /omg
Daily Exp Boost  /lv
Easy reward system  /lv
Monster of the week  /no1
Map of the week  /no1
Auto events  /no1
Warper (town and dungeons)  /no1
Healer with buff  /no1
Active and friendly GM  /lv

Char Commands

Available commands can be viewed by typing:

Server Discussion / Re: Facebook and Google ads being taken down for pservers?
« Last post by D14 on Jun 16, 2017, 08:45 AM »
So, D14, is this still doable or not? Can you give instructions on how to access this Asian playerbase?

It's doable if you're looking for that quick boost on your server's grand opening. I saw ads for 3 new low rate servers which are opening late June and early July while browsing on my phone. Judging by the comments on their page, they've tricked these people into thinking that they're the official Philippine RO server that's doing a CBT this month. If you're thinking long-term, this is not the right approach. Like DeePee said, it's very easy to request for a take down if you're a big company like Gravity and Electronics Extreme.

They act on behalf of Gravity and they have all rights to do so. In the end our business is illegal, enough said.


I'm willing to bet that, as part of their agreement to distribute in Asia, they're allowed to do takedowns in the countries they're legally allowed to distribute in.
Server Reviews / Re: NovaRO - honest review by Elu
« Last post by NovaRagnarok on Jun 16, 2017, 05:10 AM »
Thank you so much for the in-depth review!
We pride ourselves in our large selection of instances, so I'm glad you noticed. As for the @security thing, I've been wrestling with myself over implementing something of the sort. Gravity uses a 4-digit PIN system, but I always found it kind of annoying as it was forced on everybody.

We've been planning for an expansion of the Achievement System soon, so as to make it more appealing to players. As for the quest situation, it's definitely a matter of placing more emphasis on official content implementation, so we sometimes go long periods of time without adding more quests. Something we've gotta work on for sure!

I'm a bit surprised about the community comments as generally I'd been seeing differently, but I feel the recent problem is that people are consolidating into guilds and avoiding 'outsiders'. GM hosted events is another one of those sections we're definitely lacking in a little and with the Summer Festival around the corner, that should be alleviated soon!

I'm very happy to hear you're enjoying your time here though, and I hope you continue to do so!
Thanks again.

Personally I'd be glad to see this server die, so I'd have incentive to actually play.

As for you, sorry to disappoint, but we're not going anywhere any time soon.
Server Reviews / Re: NovaRO - honest review by Elu
« Last post by kanemi on Jun 16, 2017, 04:29 AM »
Enjoy your imbalanced classes. I tried to main a Rune Knight for a bit, apparently their value in WoE is spamming some silly dragon breath attack. LeikaRO is far better balance wise, but has no players. So it's a situation where you're picking your poison. Personally I'd be glad to see this server die, so I'd have incentive to actually play.
General Job Question / Re: Re: [CLASSIC] Best Emp Breaking Class
« Last post by Duckshooter on Jun 16, 2017, 04:19 AM »
Sins = to be useful in WOE needs the following:

100 total vit
110 total str
30 total dex

+7 assassin dagger (Osiris), +10 main gauche with 2 OrcSkel and 2 DWolf cards.

Are you sure about that? I never played much assassin and it's been a looong time since I played classic but DD sin without agi sounds like it takes way too long to break an emp. Any numbers on that?
General Job Question / Re: [CLASSIC] Best Emp Breaking Class
« Last post by vashgibz13 on Jun 16, 2017, 03:45 AM »
Lol, noobs talking about SinX on Classic setup.
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